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2010.12.19, 08:56 PM
real quick
I have to get a +4 front rim to get an equal +2 mm on an mro2.
To clarify that sounds weird to me. I want to make my ma 010 have the equal wheel base to my 02 with a gtr gt500 body.
I have +4front and +2 rears

2010.12.19, 10:01 PM
Do +4s even exist? Also, may want to try that... PN was it, MR>MA wheel adapters since they definitely resulted in excess offsets when mounted.

2010.12.19, 10:48 PM
for a super GT GTR on an AWD chassis, i'd say 2.5 or 3.0 AWD wide all around is fine.

2010.12.19, 11:39 PM
2.5mm offset on AWD = 0mm offset for MR02. In general, I dont use anything wider than 3mm on the front of an AWD. I try to stay at 2.5mm.