View Full Version : I give up, 02+WTF2

2010.12.19, 09:57 PM
You win wide-a** setup, I'll go ahead and try you. Very curious how this will handle since I know for a FACT this will never flip no matter how hard I'll push it. Now I need to get probably +2W matching rears and it should be good to go. Give it a proper deco sometime too.


2010.12.19, 11:51 PM
Is that the Hasemi 350Z whitebody? Super rare, Ive been looking for one for a while...

It looks like the front wheels are a little too far outside of the wheelwells. I only found a handful of bodies that I was comfortable running the WTF with. I felt that all of the 350's were a little too narrow for my taste, even with -1mm front wheels. For 94mm, I would recommend the NSX, or 575GTC. The 07 350Z is good enough (RR won a world cup with this config), but I prefer more clearance for my cars.

I do like a lot of clearance for my wheels, more than the average racer, but I still think that the wheels are outside of the body there, and you could damage the knuckle/wheel, or at least pull the tires off every time you rub the boards.

2010.12.20, 08:07 AM
I figured as much as far as rubbing goes, but I'm still curious to see how this will handle once I get some matching rears. As far as 05+ JGTC 350s, I think that square rear end is extremely ugly and at this point they're just as rare to get a hold of lol.

2011.01.23, 08:53 PM
that front end to me is still the best out there. I can not get my dble arm to run good no matter what I do. the best thing to do is just run 0 offset fronts and 1 rears and you will be good to go.

2011.01.23, 10:25 PM
-1N +2W works. Nice and and flat stance, and thanks to those rims the tires don't even need tape. Rode walls quite a bit and haven't lost a front tire yet.