View Full Version : New RCP Quick 45 and Quick Straight Kits Explained

2010.12.19, 10:38 PM
We have two new kits available through our dealers. The shop here should have them up at their store shortly. The advantage of the new kits are less joints, quicker set up, no joints down the middle and allows users to set up tracks similar to slot car tracks, since there are rails on both sides. Even figure eight tracks with track tiles installed over one another at the cross section, will be easier to accomplish as there is no joint down the middle of the track.

Quick Mini-45 kit
Qty (12) 45 tiles + 12 outside turn rails + 12 inside turn rails + (6) 90 degree inside turn rails+ bag of PINS.

Quick Mini-Straight kit
Qty (10) one piece straight tiles + 20 straight rails + bag of PINS.

The 1st and 2nd pictures below, show two new Quick 45 tiles together to form a 90 degree turn and the original Mini-96 tiles forming a 90 degree turn. The new kit does it with just 2 (45) tiles, while the original Mini-96 tiles does it with (2) straight tiles, (1) inside turn tile and (1) outside turn tile. The original Mini-96 tiles measure 12" x 12". Two new 45 tiles together measure 24" x 24" as a 90 degree turn.



The two pictures below show the new Quick Straight and the original Mini-96 straights. The new Quick Straight takes up the same amount of space as (4) original Mini-96 straights. The new Quick Mini-Straight measures 24" x 24". Each original Mini-96 tile measures 12" x 12".



The below pictures show how you can turn the 45 tiles to create chicanes and how you can combine both the new 45 and straight tiles with the original Mini-96 pieces.





2010.12.20, 01:27 AM
Looks great. This will make setup a lot easier. Just sent in an order for one of each. :)