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2010.12.22, 03:33 PM

Noob to the mini-z scene, glad to be a part of it now.
I just want to say I've been into RC for many years, and when the micro cars came out, really had fun w/ RS4 brushless then Xray bL, and Vendetta. Unfortunately there wasn't a big following here where I live. The X mods got big while Radio-shack sponsored races then it quickly died. The main class is 1/10th in the onroad and gas all around.

Started looking for something to have around the house and came across the really scale looking mini-z's. Love-um. So I bought 2 used ones on Ebay, got a MR015 and an 010 AWD.

Now I am looking at building a track and gettting more info one these cars.

Can anyone tell me about these things?(no specific order)

1. Are the rear pods the same between mr015 and the mr020?

2. Usual track widths?

3. What are the racing classes? Is there a link to an official site?

4. I'm thinking of making the AWD BL. Now before people get worked up as to why, no not looking for speed records, just efficiency in motor. Has anybody posted a how to on this, what parts were used? Links?

5. Also would like to know any drift tips.

6. Which cars are best for racing? 2wd or the AWD?

I think that's it for now.


Action B
2010.12.22, 04:47 PM
Where are you from good sir? You may be close to a local club that could help you out.

2010.12.22, 08:19 PM
Hey I live in Puerto Rico, an island in the caribbean. Unfortunately no clubs that cater to the Mini-z croud. Any thoughts would help.

Thanks for your interest in helping.

2011.01.05, 01:17 PM
OK, went down to the storage today and looked through some of my rc stuff and found a perflex radio w/ crystals from my first GT ready set(long gone, now I have a custom built GT2 based corvette which I love:p ).
SO I put them in the miniz and ran it.....:o I forgot how bad it could be. What's the secret to get the AM smooth w/o glitch. I've been too spoiled w/ 2.4ghz. The car out of the blue would shoot off in reverse full throttle, wouldn't stop until the antennas practically touched. Now I know why I didn't like them so much when I first saw them. I went with the 1/18th cars for my mini fix.

But I have seen these things on youtube running fast and smooth! beautiful to watch and I imagine even funner to run! So I know they can run good, and I want to get them to run good so I can stay home and play more. The track is an hour away and we are getting a new boy soon. So need to stay home more and I have to get my fix. Setting up a track at home seems like the correct way to go.

Eventually I know it has to be 2.4ghz the ultimate answer, but what are the choices in the mean time w/ AM. Budget choices.



2011.01.05, 01:29 PM
What's the secret to get the AM smooth w/o glitch. I've been too spoiled w/ 2.4ghz. The car out of the blue would shoot off in reverse full throttle, wouldn't stop until the antennas practically touched.

DrH, Its been a long time since I ran AM and it does glitch, but I don't remember anything like you are describing. Check you're throttle trim and make sure it is set properly. I used to set mine by listening to the car as I adjusted the knob and tried to set it at a point where the car was silent.

2011.01.05, 01:40 PM
Thanks, you'r right. I'm gonna go over the controller to make sure its all set up right.

2011.01.05, 02:37 PM
What kind of Antenna are you using? I found that a custom antenna using a cut piece of 24 gauge speaker wire reduced my glitches a lot.

2011.01.05, 02:52 PM
It was the radio trim nobs, were favoring reverse a little too much. Got to keep an eye out to make sure that they are set before I start to run the car.

Alright, now that that's what I'm talking about. Looking forward to having hrs of fun w/ these things! Started to set up the SAS also on the car. Rear end is sticking good now, stock setup, softer and more droop. Now I got to work on the front. Reduce the turn in a bit.

rensuchan, thanks for the tip. Gonna try that. How long was the wire you ran, did you stick it out the car or leave it inside?

Thanks for the help.

2011.01.05, 04:11 PM
If you have an AM board, this link might interest you.

Great info to help set up the AM board.



2011.01.05, 09:18 PM

It's about 8 inches in length, outside of the body. I haven't tried an internal configuration yet.