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2010.12.23, 05:36 PM
witch knuckles is everybody using on their mr-03 atomic,rt246,km and how are they holding up:D

2010.12.23, 06:08 PM
personally i use the stock knuckles until they start to get slop on the pin. then i replace with a new stock one. i have yet have one break. i have also used the pn but they have a little to much slop for my taste.

2010.12.23, 08:34 PM

I like the stocks but I have broken two sets already..u know how we hit in the Cs. I have changed to the PN low downs with the Reflex King Pins and cups.

I like them but u can see them the next time I see you.

2010.12.23, 08:45 PM
I have used the ATM, 3Racing, and Ximpact knuckles. I like the 3Racing and ATM. Although, you have to be sure to threadlock the axles and steering pins on the ATM knuckles. The good thing, is that you can shim to adjust offset a little to fine tune.

I havent tried the KM, but I think I have a set... somewhere in my stash.

The Ximpact have a bit more slop than I would like.

Bang for the buck, I feel 3Racing are best.

With a reverse kingpin setup, I dont feel that it is as important to use alloy knuckles with delrin sleeves. The primary reason that I use them is to gain camber at the knuckle.

One thing to take in mind when looking at the knuckles, is that their stack and axle height may be different. Shimming each different knuckle may be a little different. So take that in mind when switching to an alloy knuckle. The ATM knuckles have a very low stack height, so you have a lot of adjustability with the shims.

2010.12.23, 09:07 PM
i been using the km 1 dg and reflex on top for about 8 months witch i really liked but they served there time and its time to replace due to one being bent or tweaked , so i ran the stock ones last night and seemed ok but i think i like having the 1 dg ,:Dit made my car feel alot smoother . i think im going to go with the atomic ones

2010.12.24, 04:16 AM
KM are decent.
I really like the ATM knuckles. But most of the time I use the stock knuckles. I have worn out a few, but never broken one:)

2010.12.27, 12:37 AM
I like the stock ones so far. I've broken a set and that's after about 8 months of daily 30 min use 5 days a week during our lunch hour. I've got the Low down PN knuckles on my 2nd recently acquired LM MR03. They have more slop and stiction compared to the stock ones, but we'll see how they hold up. Maybe they need to be broken in? I haven't tried anything else so far, but time will tell once we start seeing more reviews of what's available.

2010.12.27, 01:16 AM

If you plan to run the stock or top spring setup with PN/ATM/3racing/etc... knuckles, you're better off running with your stock knuckles. They're so much smoother! But if you plan to upgrade to PN's lower arm kit (http://fastpaceracing.com/content/mr03-pns-lower-arm-kit-12122010), the PN lowdown knuckles would be best. No binding/stiction since the knuckle doesn't slide up and down the kingpin anymore.


2010.12.27, 02:55 AM
Thanks TJay!

We are trying to keep the cars in as much of stock configuration as possible. No excessive alum parts or upgrades, but they are being snuck in on a few cars, but the guys realize that our better drivers are running mostly stock suspension configurations with spring changes and some damper grease. I'm staying away from the alum to keep weight down. The durability of the plastic parts is unbelievable. I have some alum parts, but they're on the AWD's that no one else at work runs.

Thanks for the tips! I'll reconsider once I do a little more research.

2010.12.27, 03:02 AM
I've been using the PN lowdowns for the last 3-4 months with the Reflex kingpins, balls and cups. My front suspension is really smooth and the knuckle sleeves seem to wear down, but they can be replaced. I also used stock knuckles and polished everything down with Reflex white stuff, it makes the plastic front end very smooth.. when my current setup needs to be cleaned, I just wipe everything off and put a few drops of fluorine oil on the kingpins and upper pins to make the front even better. :D

2011.01.09, 09:52 AM
i went with the rt246 and all i can say is they are the smoothest and have no slop whats so ever ,well done kyosho