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2010.12.27, 03:55 PM
What is the future of Mini Z racing in Mooresville?

2010.12.27, 04:16 PM
I also would like to know. I want to talk to Mark and Brent and see if they want to continue trying to promote it. Are Brian and Lee still interested? I want it to catch on...

2010.12.27, 04:37 PM
I had high hopes for the kart track deal. We wanted to set up a large RCP track in conjunction with the 10th scale track. Too bad it didn't work out. Mark said they are still looking for track space but it's tough to find something cheap enough. I think Brent wants to see more participation before he gives up any more floor space in the store but it's a Catch 22, some of the guys at High Speed want to see a larger track before they come out. They also don't want to deny Jim their business and some just can't get out 2 nights a week. We need more local Mooresville racers. I wonder if a slightly larger track with more regular racers would entice more local guys to join in? There is a lack of indoor racing in the Charlotte area right now but it seems hard to get larger scale guys to seriously look at the Zs. In my opinion the racing is just as good, I used to race electric and nitro 10th scale touring cars. Size doesn't matter if you have good quality cars like the Zs. Somehow the store has to sell a racing program, not just the cars. Most people compare a Mini Z and a Traxxas truck and say "Hey! I can go 70mph for the same money!" After the initial purchase though the truck will go through money quicker and you still have to drive some distance to race it.

2010.12.27, 06:04 PM
After I get through this deal I'm in now I will try to take a more active role in getting things moving. I will help all I can from here for the time being though. If anybody needs anything, please ask.

2010.12.28, 09:42 AM
I'm still in guys. Just itching to turn some laps. I also agree that it's a catch 22 for Brent. I mean giving up floor space for a low turn out is hard to swallow. Lets get something together soon to get the interest up.

2010.12.28, 10:51 AM
I will try to talk to the High Speed racers about doing an event at HobbyTown. We have done a couple of "Diablo" special events, maybe we could arrange to have one at HT on a Saturday in the near future.

2010.12.28, 11:05 AM
if this happens count me in. and im sure a few others from mb

2010.12.28, 11:24 AM
I would think if they started by having a Saturday race once or twice a month it would help get the numbers in. It's hard to start a weekly race program without commitment, because if someone makes the trip out and only two others show up, those three probably won't come back. With an even every 2-4 weeks it allows people to plan for it and get interest built up, so hopefully you get a good turnout.

If we could get 10 or so people in the store on a Saturday racing I think it would generate interest from people shopping, and that's what they're going to want to see.

I don't remember if the track there was mini-96 or the larger size, but I have a good bit of mini-96 track. If that's what they have now, I could add mine for a really nice track layout.

2010.12.28, 11:40 AM
Cool Chad!

I agree on the Saturday shows Chris. The track is the larger 50cm size, just like High Speed. In fact the track belongs to Mike Morse. Mike has more track it's just that there isn't much floor space available at HT. If we had an event Brent may allow us a bit more space if we can prove we will have a decent attendance. We also need to arrange for a more reliable timing system. The Core system at HT frustrates most racers, we have been talking about getting a Giro Z as a club at High Speed. This is the timing system used by the PN world Championship and popular at many other tracks. While not as reliable as the very expensive AMB (now used at HS) it is currently better than the Core while being reasonable in cost as a system and for individual transponders.

2010.12.29, 09:13 AM
If you are able to set an event for a day that I'm off, Kyler and I will be there :cool:! I agree that a Saturday event would be wise to gain outside interest. It won't be hard to get 10+ racers in attendance, but the timing system and track size really should be handled prior to the "BIG" race :confused:. The smoother the event runs, the more likely you'll end up with a weekly program :). It'd be great to get things rolling up there in 2011.

2010.12.30, 12:02 PM
If I'm not working We will be there too.

2011.01.21, 11:25 AM
OK, It looks like we're on our own for racing at HT. I spoke to Mark a few days ago and they have the impression we did not want to race there. I explained that we were all waiting for a schedule to race and there was still strong interest in racing there. Please join me in contacting them to get this thing rolling. If we don't act now Brent is going to pull the plug.

Mark or Brent, look at the threads each month asking when we were going to race and see that there IS an interest.

Pedro and Mike, If we need to form some sort of committee to organize this I will be glad to offer up some time to do so and I'm sure others would too.

2011.01.21, 01:24 PM
I have permission to drive again starting the 27th of January. I will get up there and talk with them.

2011.01.21, 08:09 PM
I have had a busy month and haven't been able to get to Hobbytown. I will try to stop by as well to see what we can do.

2011.01.24, 10:16 AM
I just wanted to bump this thread if any of you guys didn't see my other one and happen to get instant notification from the forum.


We will set a date in February, once we know how soon everything will be set up. I hope this entices a lot of people to come out.