View Full Version : January 08, 2011 - HFAY S11 Race 1

2010.12.28, 12:57 PM
this will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2010.12.28, 01:06 PM
i've called to check the HW calendar and it hasn't been claimed yet so i've sent in our requested dates and setup the 2011 calendar. i'll keep all of this updated if anything changes.

i picked the 2nd saturday of every month for HFAY. this was done to allow for a make up date later in the month if needed. not everyone makes the scheduled date and occassionally we do get bumped. better to be safe than sorry.

no mini-z x-mas gifts for me this year so nothing new to bring, just me, myself and i along with a box of cars giving me fits the last couple events.:rolleyes:

2010.12.29, 07:54 AM
Doesn't look like I can make it for this one (daughter's birthday on the 8th), so I'll see you guys in February. I sure am going to be out of practice by the time I get to race again. Batteries should be in good shape though, since I keep cycling them before I fail to show up. If there's enough interest I might be up for running a second race later in the month.

Arch: need to change those 2010's to 2011's. ;)

2010.12.29, 08:12 AM
:o done.

i'm sure it won't be to hard to find 2 others for the make up date.

i was very much out of practice for the BTE. i had not driven my cars since halloween so it wasn't a smooth outing for me.

2011.01.03, 08:15 PM
I won't be able 2 make it 2 this race.

2011.01.08, 07:59 PM
i was pleasantly surprised to have 9 racers today! we saw john from way down south, thank you for making the very long trek and do contact james to see if he still have his rcp.
joe continues to impresss with his top tier driving.
brandon came to challenge joe and seth.
i was happy to see rene after a long absence. he and i were evenly match nearly all day long and had a couple close battles.
igor made it out as well and shared a nail bitter finish with maya for c main top finish, came down to the very last turn!
courtney overcame a broken top cover screw post to finish strong.
seth ended taking the wins while seth, joe, brandon and rene traded qiuickest laps throughout the day. consistency wins ;) brandon won out in the end with teh quickest of the entire day.

thank you guys for making it out and making it a good day. i enjoyed it emensely, even my car actually performed well through out the day.

Action B
2011.01.08, 11:24 PM
Yeah, consistency FTW. I need to practice a bit. Fast lap is nice but my consistency is really lacking.

Nice seeing everyone today.

2011.01.09, 05:30 PM
Was a good race. Practice is what I need the most, but surprisingly my short/narrow 03 wasn't too shabby in this race.

2011.01.09, 05:43 PM
brandon, i think your consistency has improved dramatically:cool: it won't be long before you'll be setting the pace with fastest lap and lap count.

it helps that your in the same heat with seth and joe whom are both very good as well.

igor, the 240z did well in the c main. you were much more consistent with the 240z than you were with the 300z. we just need to work on the settings so that keeping the same consistency and increase the speeds so lap numbers will creep up into the top tier. you lap count was only a handful less than mine with a 98mm mr-03 gtr.

kudos to john as well. he took some lumps and kept on going. i know i ran through him a couple times myself.

big thanks to rene for paying for s11 fee's:cool: be sure to thank him when you see him next. our club has been at it for 11 seasons now;)

anyone have tips for static disapation? the dry air made it very easy and quick to build up painful static discharges saturday. i was producing arcing shocks when taking up the track. you could see the blue flashes when i touched the shelving. some of them actually stung enough to smart a little.

2011.01.10, 01:52 PM
Defiantly thought it was a good day of racing. Think most heats ran clean and it was good to see everyone running. Seven cars on the track for practice laps was fun to see. Brandon and Rene both had some blazing laps. ThAnks Rene for s11 and congrats on your top finish in your main.

2011.01.10, 10:20 PM
@arch, you won't believe this, but after a lil practice today, the best "true" narrow body is the old skyline rather than the datsun. Lotus is even better, but I don't really consider it a true narrow since it could fit on 02. That said, the only thing the skyline does NOT forgive is clipping walls, but that may be a good practice for consistency.

2011.01.24, 12:30 PM
Hi guys,

Joe here. Just registered on the forum. Thanks to Rene for sponsoring S11 and Ray for setting up the race day event. Everyone looked good racing and there were a lot of close finishes. I am glad everyone is having a great time and it seems like we all have our cars dialed in pretty well.

Seth and I made it out to Remnant track this past Saturday to get our cars setup with the help of Matt and Mike. Matt rebuilt my diff and set me up with the Reflex 64 pitch spur. I am looking forward to running my car today at Hobby Works now that I essentially have a new car setup/radio. I picked up the EX-5UR and have found it to be a huge plus. Thanks to Brandon for convincing me it will be the single biggest upgrade.

See you guys at practice/race day!