View Full Version : April 09, 2011 - HFAY S11 Race 4

2010.12.28, 12:59 PM
this will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2011.04.07, 08:47 AM
Race day still sat?

Arch, I will take a strip of deals if they are not all spoken for

2011.04.07, 11:59 AM
no takers yet on the stickers so plenty available.

still on unless someone else chimes in otherwise.

i will need to leave by 5pm if not earlier to make a ballgame at 7pm.

2011.04.07, 06:49 PM

I will take a strip of stickers as well... just in case I show up a bit late on saturday...


2011.04.07, 06:53 PM
understood. i'll make sure to leave some with someone before i leave. they are less than $4 a sheet so i'm not worried about skipping out on the money:p just need to collect it at some point so i can order more stickers.


2011.04.09, 06:40 PM
thank you guys for bearing with me on my push to keep things moving in a timely manner. we actually managed to wrap up before 5pm with both racer and f1 classes.

fyi, got some answers from the judges area to questions raised which will make it into updated rules.
1. the window portion that is not visible can be removed. the visible window openings need to be intact except for drilling a hole or cutting a hole to allow for top spring or damper clearance.
2. Lexan window are allowed. the car should still meet or exceed the minimum weight of 175 grams. Racer Minimum weight will match PNWC weight of 175 grams. Formula 1 Minimum wight will match PNWC weight of 195 grams.

2011.04.14, 11:37 AM
be sure to let me know if a make up race is going to be held soon. i've held off on submitting results this weekend. i can always send in make up results as they are done though so as long as they go in before the deadline.