View Full Version : May 14, 2011 - HFAY S11 Race 5

2010.12.28, 01:00 PM
this will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2011.04.30, 03:54 PM
Hopefully I'll make it 2 this 1.

2011.05.14, 08:21 PM
only 7 today but good racing and more importantly, we all had a good time :)

you can find video on my know where to find video ;) i'll have pictures up shortly and working to get hfay times submitted.

let me know if you find out what happened with the hfay motor bill. this motor locked up on me after clockwise main. i had to free it up with pliers to turn the armature, cleaned it out and ran it again for a minute before it locked up again. decided to replace it vs. battling it further. took awhile to get my rear suspension back to where i like it after the whole disassemble and reassemble.

wanted to point out john made a huge improvement from one direction to the other! it's not easy trying to get the most laps you can and avoid traffic.

btw, courtney bumped all awd parts up to 60% off! get them while they last.

2011.05.15, 10:21 AM
HERE (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?cat=738) are the pictures

2011.05.15, 11:24 AM
question, is the f430 and f430 gt nose clip the same part? i broke mine and need to replace it but can't seem to find one.

2011.05.15, 09:44 PM
I've got an extra 430GT plastic clip you can have. Not sure when I'll see you next but I can drop it off at HobbyWorks.

2011.05.16, 06:41 PM
The 430 and 430 gt use different nose clips, The gt is longer. The f430 uses mzb66-2 but I couldn't find them anywhere a few months ago. If you find them, I will buy.one off you if you get a spare. I use the Pn clip for gt so I have plastic clips. Do you need the clip for gt or street f430?

2011.05.16, 06:59 PM
F430 gt. All I see in stores is the f430.

2011.05.16, 07:18 PM
Think this is it


But shipping is probably pretty expensive. I ordered some 430 clips from them and shipping was around 8 bucks for a few clips. Joe and I both should have spares

2011.05.19, 09:47 AM
I put an extra F430gt clip in my bag.