View Full Version : August 13, 2011 - HFAY S12 Race 2

2010.12.28, 01:01 PM
this will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2011.07.21, 08:16 PM
just a reminder after the mid summer break that S12 has started for HFAY!

also a reminder, we will have our first run with Kyosho Stock (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36729) class as well.

the day will look a little like this;

hfay clockwise qualifier (x2)
kyo stock qualifier (x2)
hfay clockwise mains
kyo stock mains

hfay counterclockwise qualifiers (x2)
hfay counterclockwise mains

this should keep the added class time impact to a minimum and avoid running it as an afterthought at the end of the day. also means hfay counterclosckwise is on it's own schedule, not rushed to clear way for end of the day class.

2011.08.07, 05:07 PM
just a reminder, this coming weekend is race time! if your going to participate in kyosho stock class, be sure to have your car setup by the 13th. i have mine all done!

2011.08.08, 08:48 AM
Will be out of town this weekend. Enjoy the race guys!

2011.08.08, 08:45 PM
I got mine together but never got the time 2 tune it. So I guess I'll have 2 wing it.:o

2011.08.08, 08:51 PM
there is only so much to tune but interested to hear what you guys are trying :)

2011.08.09, 06:54 PM
Wanted to make it out for this one but may not make it. Might stop in even if I can't race

2011.08.19, 07:46 PM
hey im new to mini z racing and just purschased my awd and a mr02. are there still practice racing at fairfax

2011.08.19, 07:48 PM
i don't know personally as i don't attend them but i certainly hope so. just stop by and ask courtney.

bill put down some amazing times/laps with his stock LM:cool: