View Full Version : September 10, 2011 - HFAY S12 Race 3

2010.12.28, 01:01 PM
this will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2011.09.09, 06:00 PM
I won't be making it to this one, my house flooded yesterday and I'm busy tearing it apart. Not sure if Bill will show up either, he's got family business to attend to this weekend.

2011.09.09, 06:47 PM
sorry to hear about the flooding. we came within an inch of ponding water overflowing our basement steps which would have flooded our basement.

2011.09.12, 12:16 PM
Sorry 4 not making it out 2 this race, my mother decided 2 get married last minute. Didn't even know about it till friday afternoon and the wedding was sunday evening in west virginia. I SHOULD hopefully make it 2 the next race. Would anyone be interested in doing another HFAY race at awesome or my work?

2011.09.12, 12:35 PM
i'm not opposed to either.

fyi, we did not have enough racers to run hfay, courtney forgot his transmitter and it's arrival didn't come till later afternoon. i spoke with courtney and the only opening he has for a make up is on sunday. September 18, 25 and October 2nd. if anyone wants to meet up again before the end of the month to run a make-up, lets get the ball rolling. i enjoyed the layout. a bit faster layout than normal. John and i rand practice laps from 11am-2pm.

Full Montee
2011.09.13, 02:00 PM
If running near or at Awesome or Bill's work I'm interested.

2011.09.14, 10:52 AM
I could make it September 18th (this coming Sunday) to Hobby Works in Fairfax.