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2011.01.02, 01:14 AM
Just bought a MA-010 2.4ghz car at the local hobby store for 30% 0ff. I got it home only to find my 2 2.4ghz transmitters won't bind with it. I have a spektrum dx3.0 and a airtronics FHSS-2. it would appear that either I am doing something wrong or I need a special transmitter for this car.

What are my options? what can I do to get running without doubling the price of this investment?

also what aside from tires should I look into for drifting? I have a couple 1:10 drift cars but this is my first miniZ

2011.01.02, 02:51 AM
Mini-z does not use Spektrum. KO Propo makes the boards and only are compatible with the KO Propo modules or kyosho kt-18 transmitter (factory version). The KO module can be inserted into the EX-1 mars/UR, ex-10 helios, and Eurus without modification. It can also be placed in an Airtronics m8/m11 and Futaba 3pk/4pk with a modification on the module (connecting pins) or buying a PN Racing or Kyosho adapter.

2011.01.02, 05:59 AM
The new mini-z version of the EX5UR works too.

2011.01.02, 07:57 AM
thanks for the fast reply's I picked up a kt-18 for 98.00 shipped. Looks like I got a good deal on the Ma-010 with lancer evo x PWRC rally team body. Only 13,965 Yen. about 165 bucks

2011.01.04, 10:33 PM
In order of importance/effectiveness after tires:

The plastic bushings get sloppy and rough pretty quickly so bearings are basically a must. A PITA to install.

Thankfully the plastic AWD parts are cheap, so:
tie rod set (600 yen)
All the knuckles sets (500 yen each) 1.5, 3.0, 4.5 degree

Aluminum wheel nuts. You will strip the plastic ones for sure.

Shims to adjust ride height and bump stop. You get four 1mm shims in the body/chassis set (two already installed on the front), but they are easy to lose and those aren't enough. Ridiculously, you can only get two more from Kyosho by buying the servo saver assembly set for 630 yen. Get some from a third party.

There are 4 spring pre-load shims in the body/chassis, which should be enough. If you want you can also get a suspension spring set but Kyosho's is 945 yen for 3 pairs of 2 spring sets, a rip if you ask me.

Lock the rear (or both if you like) diff with glue or something. Replacements are 600 yen.

Ballast either on the inside of the body or on the chassis itself.

For basic drifting you shouldn't need any drivetrain upgrades, except for bearings. If you try to replicate your 1:10 setup your investment will skyrocket very quickly. You might have trouble with the pinion, in which case you should get a new one with set screws.

One thing I un-recommend is any universal joints that have metal dog bones used on the front. They will either break themselves or destroy the receiver-end of a plastic diff.

Honestly though, if you drift 1:10 I don't recommend drifting on mini-z unless it's for your living room or basement. With the limited tuning scope it's just impossible to get a mini-z setup as well as a 1:10. All of the 1:10 drifters I know use mini-z when they are taking a break from drifting. Mini-z people drift mini-z because they can't or don't want to do 1:10 drifting. Mini-z drifting is a lot of fun, but I wouldn't want you to invest too much into a dead end.

2011.01.05, 01:37 AM
What are my options? what can I do to get running without doubling the price of this investment?

also what aside from tires should I look into for drifting? I have a couple 1:10 drift cars but this is my first miniZ

first off... welcome to the forums...

the 2.4ghz asf system that kyosho uses is ko propo... so get one that is compatible with the mini-z series... looks like that you got a kt18 on the way so that will solve the problem...

aside from drift tires, another thing you can look into is... smooth floors... :D
actually a smooth floor and probably bearings... and that's it...

it doesn't really take that much to get a mini-z awd to drift (i got one and changed the tires, put in bearings, and put in an atomic awd standard motor... and after a while, i took out the atomic standard motor and put back the stock motor, which in the end was better for me in the drifting world - the atomic awd proved to be a much stronger and faster motor for me, something i didn't really need... in the drifting world... :D)

oh and another thing to look at are... patience and practice... :D

hope this helps :D

2011.01.05, 03:33 AM
it looks like my MA-010 came new with bearings. they are metal and look like bearings.
I got the

Kyosho Mini-Z Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X PWRC 2008 Mitsubishi Dealer Team MA-010 Tx-Less (2.4GHz ASF).

I am getting this so that I have a drift racer I can take anywhere. also it is snow season here so all I have is in my house.

so aside from the bearings which it appears I already have new and the drift tires what else should I look into

Going from my 1:10 experiance I would lock the rear diff and get either an adjustable front or a 1-way.

I'm getting conflicting views it seems on the motor.

Whats up with the sticky kingpins on this car. what should I lube them with?

2011.01.06, 01:26 AM
i try to keep things on the cheap... as it can get pretty out of hand with all the hop ups available... if money isn't a problem then you can try different stuff out there...

i would suggest to try keeping it stock at first... having fun is one of the primary factors i take with me into this hobby... if i start spending too much, it tends not to be too much fun... but i guess that's just me...

if you're not too happy drifting it in stock form, i've read that there's a lot that you can do to make it 'perform' to your liking...

i haven't really gone that route yet (as i've kept mine almost practically stock), so i can't really comment what part is good for achieving a desired result... kinda happy on it's performance as it is right now...

good luck and hope this helps... :D

2011.01.06, 07:44 AM
Thanks. My transmitter shipped so hopefully it will make it back to japan next week sometime. can't wait to try out my car. Do I need to worry about this thing messing up my floors if I drift inside? I have wood floors and I imagine it will be ok but I thought I would ask.

should I go with the drift tires or are differant types of tape over tires better overall for hardwood

2011.01.06, 09:44 PM
one quick fix i did while waiting for my drift tires was that i put clear tape on mine to see if it would drift... and it did... lol... the drift tires are hard plastic... i don't think it would do too much damage on wood floors... especially if it's hardwood... do a 'mini-z drifting' search on youtube and unless they are at a track, you'll find most vids drifting indoors in the house, living room, kitchen, garage etc... :D