View Full Version : lm or mm for newbie

2011.01.03, 06:46 PM
For a newbie, what is a good MR-03 to start with? LM or MM?

2011.01.03, 09:42 PM
mm is the best for racing as a general rule. welcome to mini-z you wont regret it, great fun and much cheaper to race and maintain then the big stuff.

2011.01.03, 09:47 PM
a good thing about lm is it comes with a dps out the box. if your looking to go race with out much hop ups at first that would be the way i would go. if your going to buy a pod and dps up front either would be just fine.

2011.01.03, 10:19 PM
Thanks. I'm looking at getting Nissan R390. Can't wait.

2011.01.03, 10:21 PM
thats an awesome body !!! where do you live ?

2011.01.03, 10:26 PM
If you're a newbie to RC in general then I think an LM chassis set has some advantages. They are easy to drive, don't require tuning out of the box to be enjoyable and if you use a bumper they can last a long time (especially the Porsches).

The bodies are pretty durable if you use the dedicated bumper (maybe $10 in the US). Without the bumper the front corners are rather fragile. The sides and rear are pretty strong. Mazda 787 and Sauber C9 rear wings do break off if you get rear ended hard enough. An exception would be the Nissan R390, which doesn't have a dedicated bumper available and was molded thin by R246 to be lightweight, making it very fragile. It's my favorite one though.

The long 102mm wheelbase makes it stable on straights. 98mm MM is good too, so not necessarily a big advantage. But being able to be passed cleanly is something that's good for everyone.

The stock tires are usable on carpet. Balance is fine. 30 degree front and rear with all the ASC bodies and chassis sets I've bought. Saves a bit of money. The LM chassis also includes a usable friction damper that doesn't need upgrading immediately.

On carpet with the stock motor the handling is very mild and easy to control. Not enough power to get the rear to slip, not enough top speed to induce dangerous understeer in sweepers. The 30 degree fronts will scrub a lot and slow down the car the more you turn the steering wheel.

I'm not really un-recommending MM chassis set though. If you don't like the LM bodies, then you shouldn't be forced to drive one.

The Enzo and FXX are very easy to drive and have strong enough noses to take hard impacts. The FXX in particular has a very strong nose. There's a dedicated bumper for the Enzo but I don't think it's necessary.

Parts of the GT-R 2008 and Mclaren long tail are fragile. Front canards and air splitter break easily. The rear wing as well. Other than that they are both good performance wise.

The Ford GT is pretty durable too but not as easy to drive as the above cars.

The regular Mclaren has a fragile nose. Handles the quickest (not necessarily the best).

2011.01.03, 10:32 PM
I'm in US and will be getting KT-18, just driving it around my low carpet living room for now. iruninsoga, what front bumper are you recommending and does it require glue or just snap-on?

2011.01.03, 10:58 PM
They're available specifically for the Porsche 962, Mazda 787, Sauber C9 and Enzo. They include a special front body clip that replaces the one included with the body/chassis set. Attaches with screws to the original body mount location. They are clear and don't spoil the appearance.


some parts numbers:

If they're available I highly recommend them.

I wish there was a bumper for the R390. I cracked the front of mine the first time driving it. Happens to everyone who I've seen driving it. It always cracks right where the body mount meets the front grill area. I ended up putting a couple layers of shoe goo on the inside of the front from the body mount all the way to the wheel wells. I also put some in the space above the body mount.

2011.01.04, 09:36 AM
With the Sauber C9 having a one piece front end to the body, I have been using it for a long time as in modfiied classes and have yet to break it. That would be the body that I would recommend.

2011.01.04, 10:49 AM
I started with an 94mm RM chassis, then used it as a 94mm MM configuration.
My second MR-03 is an LM configuration with the Sauber body. I wish I had this to start with as a readyset, but the original 03 was just the basic chassis.

If I had to start all over again right now, it would definitely be the LM chassis.
Much easier to set up and it feels good out of the box. Just change to the 7 tooth or 8 tooth pinion after the stock Kyosho motor is broken in.

2011.01.04, 11:26 AM
I'm in US and will be getting KT-18, just driving it around my low carpet living room for now.

LM for sure then!