View Full Version : front steering servo chatter

2011.01.04, 12:29 PM
Got the new "Tiki-Tiki" JSCC Cup MR-03. After 2 mins of running the front servo constantly chatters and is jittery when in any position. Tried binding to a 2nd transmitter and same thing. Any quick fix for this, or should I just try contact cleaner in the steering servo pot? Seems strange that the pot would be dirty right out of the box.

2011.01.04, 12:43 PM
Servo jitter is normal on the 03s. Shouldn't affect performance.

2011.01.04, 03:13 PM
This is normal for digital servos.

2011.01.05, 12:54 AM
is it affecting and/or restricting any steering movement?

try 'resetting' your tx... a guy i know (with the regular kt18 and mr02 asf) had some steering issues (binding, limited steering throw on one side compared to the other)... he rebinded... and it still happened... i suggested to reset and rebind the kt18 and after that the problems were gone...

don't know if you can reset 3 channel tx's though...

dunno if this is what you're experiencing with yours though...

but if it's just some servo noise coming out in front, it's normal...

hope this helps :D