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2011.01.05, 02:12 PM
David and I were talking a bit about this...

Recently we've been having a few newcomers to the dojo, some of which don't have any cars to drive around. A lot of the dojo regulars have beem around for a while and through various upgrades on your cars, likely have unused but working stock parts, tires, various other things laying around.

Rather than just having them sit around and watch, why not put together a few loaner cars with our discards and let them drive around, even race with us if they want to?

So I need your unused (but functional) bodies, chassis, mounts, stock Tx, whatever you're NOT using that could be used towards the project of getting 2-3 loaner cars working and running for the club to loan out to newcomers to see how the cars work and participate instead of sitting.

I'm thinking the cheapest way to get into it would be AM stuff, 2.4 Tx is a lot more expensive to get and we're just looking for some sort of "gateway drug" here, not to provide the top of the line things.

Can you all list here what kind of parts you have and are willing to donate to this cause?

My List:

- 1x Used McLaren F1 body
- 1x stock MM mount
- 1x stock RM mount
- My time to put together the cars =P


2011.01.07, 09:19 AM
I think this is a great idea, though I didn't really have any trouble getting to drive some cars my first time out :) Thanks again to everyone that helped get the mini-z hooks in me (and my wallet).

If this goes anywhere I'd be willing to help assemble cars, though I don't have an abundance of spare parts yet.

2011.01.07, 01:50 PM
I've got a ton o spare parts. I'll see what I can donate.


2011.01.08, 02:14 PM
Yes, I too have lots of very usefull parts that I could donate to the cause.
I will get them all together for the next race. I have many AM Transmitters and lots of mr-01 parts, motors, wheels etc.
Vigilante R/C