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2011.01.06, 07:26 PM
anyone else have these? my kids are heavy into nerf n strike for whatever reason. it's nerf war this, nerf war that, etc. oh, and the constant begging for each and every nerf gun.

being the modder i am, i ofcourse painted some of them :) the kids love their personalized guns. as a rule, i leave nearly all the orange stuff alone.




2011.01.06, 08:38 PM
I have a couple. Fun little things, but don't quite compare with even cheap airsoft.

2011.01.06, 08:55 PM
I bought several for my son and I taught him how to paint camo.
This is his first creation.

2011.01.06, 08:58 PM
wow, turned out awsome! i have yet to get to a camo pattern but we have the long strike too.

2011.01.06, 09:12 PM
Those are really cool looking paint jobs!
Just got the Long Strike for my Son, Golddust this past
Christmas and he loves it
Bet after he sees all of these, he's gonna want a paint job too!

What colors are used for that Camo job?


Action B
2011.01.07, 04:22 AM
I have around 35 or so nerf guns. I modded them all (removed restrictors, upgrade or stretch springs etc).

2011.01.07, 07:36 AM
brandon, you'll have to come over some time. i've thought about modding the internals but never got past peaking at the inside.

Action B
2011.01.07, 03:44 PM
brandon, you'll have to come over some time. i've thought about modding the internals but never got past peaking at the inside.

Yeah the best ones to mod are the following.

1. Nerf firefly
2. Pistol with rear pull ****ing
3. The rocket launcher.

We should defintely do this sometime it would befun.

2011.01.07, 03:49 PM
we used krylon camo paint from Home depot.
My son and his buddies have an awesome time playing in the yard with them.
I thought about modding the guns but I dont want the kids getting hurt.

2011.01.07, 03:52 PM
what I think is so kool about all us mini z maniacs we have similar interests besides z's......:cool:

2011.01.07, 07:12 PM
Funny how that happens.

We bought a couple of n strikes for the kids for Xmas. There were some good sales to be had. I picked up the firefly's for $13 at target.

I've been using krylon camo rattle cans as well. I'm really going to have to try a camo job on our long strike. The firefly was a halo request that was simple and o think turned out well. The alpha trooper was my first custom.

So far the raider or long strike are my favorites. The stampede sucks down $10 in batteries in a disturbingly short time. I don't like the recon as its uncomfortable to use. We have a bunch of the small pistols from the battle sets which are actually very good.

I can't tell you how many times I pull darts out of the most unusual places as a result of in house nerf wars. Its a quick way to piss off the wife, she's not a fan of random dart shots.

2011.01.13, 05:19 PM
Here is my family collection of Maverick REV-6...........................

I painted these a few years back and my son just got another new one for Christmas so it's time for some new paint.
My son has the 2 yellow ones, mine is silver, and my wife's is pink.

I might have to try some camo next.

Action B
2011.01.13, 10:56 PM
Those Mavericks, they may look cool but they have the smallest and wimpiest firing plunger and spring of all time. They don't respond to mods well.

The firefly is my weapon of choice when you mod it:

It will fire further
It will fire more accurately
It will be able to be loaded with any kind of dart including dart tag series.