View Full Version : What kind of tyres would I buy best for my floor

2011.01.07, 04:24 AM
The floor in our living room seems very slippery for my Mini-Z car (or my tyres are just dry). The floor is laminate (see this picture for reference: http://interiorcomplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/laminate-flooring.jpg)

I need some new tyres with really high grip.

What do you suggest? Do I need rubber tyres or foam maybe?

A reference to a good reseller online/ebay is appreciated!

2011.01.09, 05:57 AM
nobody knows what to use?

2011.01.09, 06:35 AM
Kyosho 20's and 30's seem to grip on my wood floors but I don't do anything other than basic shakedowns and low speeds. I do do drifting on wood floors with drift tires and that's pretty fun. That's about all I can do with the space I have.

2011.01.09, 08:43 AM
Hard floors can be really tough because they get covered in dust quickly and traction becomes inconsistent.

I assume you are using a 2wd car?

Make sure to clean your tires and try using a swiffer wet-jet type mop to clean the floors before running and most tires (even stock) should hook up nicely.

2011.01.09, 12:37 PM
Thank you both for your answer!

Yes, I am using a 2wd car that I bought some 8 years ago. I will see if it makes any difference between the floor as it is now and a cleaned floor.

Thanks again.