View Full Version : Next AA GTG race night likely Friday Jan. 14th

2011.01.07, 01:31 PM
FYI, the next AA GTG race night likely Friday Jan. 14th (maybe starting at 8pm?).

Still waiting for official confirmation but wanted to let everyone know so you can start making plans.

Also we are planning on doing HFAY this season so get your cars ready :)

Other race night this month is likely Sat Jan 29th and on this night we'd run a big track race.

More info coming soon.


2011.01.07, 02:15 PM
The 14th is not a Mahjong night for me so it's perfect. I'm in.

2011.01.07, 07:12 PM
Friday sounds good to me.

2011.01.07, 07:38 PM
Works great for me.

2011.01.07, 10:42 PM
Should be good for me :) Looking forward to it as I kinda feel like this is going to be my first proper race, cars all set up and running nicely.

Just gotta get the battery setup...