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2011.01.08, 05:25 PM
Hy there! im not a big racer at the mini-z world but something got me think about. In stock class if we all would want to run stock cars doesent that means that we should use stock fets ( i mean single stack) since that really means stock. its a but uncoo in my oppinion that i run on single stack and have way worse resoults than the leaders who might use stacked fets. i think stock class means stock ESC and motor.

chris b
2011.01.08, 05:56 PM
I ran an 02i series in the last hfay (season 10) which had completely stock electrics in it.
I'm not sure what stacking fets do to the car but now I have an 03 I don't think I need any extra punch or top end.

Mike Keely
2011.01.08, 09:17 PM
For the longest time you had to run the stock ESC boards that came with the car and all of the boards came with the same fets. I think it was the boards just before the 2.4 boards, when they came out they had much faster fets then the old style boards. People thought that they should not have to buy a new board if they could just up-grade the fets on their old boards to make the cars equal. The 70 turn motors are all stock motors but some 70 turn motors are better quality then the ones that come in the kit.

2011.01.08, 09:30 PM
correct. original boards had single stack 2004 fets. then came single stack 3010 fets and now double stack (single top and single bottom) 3010 fets so there is no one stock setup to follow. toss in fried fets that needed to be replaced and all the various fets available on the market and you can see why the rules have evolved to where they are now.

no way to limit to stock fets only when there are many version of pcb boards with various fet arrangements and availability of stock fets for repairs and replacements. a newer board by design has an advantage over previous boards right from the factory.

Action B
2011.01.08, 11:20 PM
You'll also find that the fastest car rarely wins anyhow, especially on the HFAY size tracks. I feel that today I had the fastest car on the track, I didnt run my fastest laps until my batteries started to lose some punch and I certainly didn't win (No thanks to Seth lol).

Also then we'd have to regulate batteries too.

2011.01.09, 12:44 AM
Having a significant amount of cars in our fleet ranging from mr-01 to Mr-03, I'd have to say and Mr-02 AM with the PN 70t isn't noticably slower than the 2.4ghz which has 4, 3010 fets. If there is a difference, it isn't huge.