View Full Version : Glue Removal

2011.01.09, 11:59 AM
Okay gotta repaint a body and need to remove the glass
from the body
Anyone have any suggestions on what to use to break down the CA
so the plastic windows can be removed without breaking them?

Tottenville, NY

2011.01.09, 12:35 PM
if its only attached at the roof just use a flat nose screwdriver through the top of the roof thats what i do not broke any windows yet if its glued at the bottom of the front window just the same thing but then it may break or use a blade from a stanley knife to scrape away the glue then poke the front of the blade to push it though the hole works for me

2011.01.09, 04:39 PM
I use acetone to re-crystallize CA to remove materials that have been stuck together using it. HOWEVER, I am not sure if acetone is safe for the body of your car.

Sometimes, acetone is too strong to some types of plastic (like acrylic plastics).

Nail polish remover (if not pure acetone) is a mixture of solvents with acetone.