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2011.01.09, 05:41 PM
hi guys i am brand new to the mini z rc car scene i came across them a couple months ago and now want to get one or more, was just wondering if any one out there has any general info or suggestions for a noob

2011.01.09, 05:47 PM
welcome to the forum:)

tell us a bit about what you would like to do, what peaks your interest? collecting, tooling around the driveway or track racing?

most helpful suggestion is to read. sounds boring but you'll find gobs of info from the best drivers in the world here.:cool:

2011.01.09, 05:52 PM
haha well as my car interest started i just wanted to have one or two but now i would like to have a couple track cars and a car or two to just have fun with out in the drive way on in doors to play around with, but my first car would most likely be for fun just playing around in the driveway, and customizing it making it faster, you know the fun stuff lol

2011.01.09, 07:07 PM
also i was wondering if anyone knew of any mini z car clubs in upstate new york ( USA)

2011.01.09, 07:31 PM
also i was wondering if anyone knew of any mini z car clubs in upstate new york ( USA)

How upstate are you?
There is lots of racing in the Northern NJ, NYC area.

2011.01.09, 07:38 PM
For a fun car, I'd get the MA-010 and MR-03 for a track car. Also you might as well invest into 2.4ghz radios right away since this scene is steadily switching over to it from AM.

2011.01.09, 07:39 PM
i am in albany but i have no problem driving downstate it is only a 2-3 hour drive

2011.01.09, 07:46 PM
i am in albany but i have no problem driving downstate it is only a 2-3 hour drive

Check the forums and you will find Majs Hobbyshop in Saddlebrook,NJ (130 miles from Albany) and Cruzin w RC in Waldwick, NJ (120 miles )There is Action RC in Staten Island (155 miles)
Maj is open Mon to Sat with racing on Friday nights
Cruzin is open Mon to Sun with racing on Saturday nights
Action is open on Mon Wed Fri and Sat w racing on Wed and Friday nights

2011.01.09, 07:53 PM
thanks guys! i just have one more question what is the difference between regular mini zs and the i series mini zs?

2011.01.09, 07:57 PM
your welcome. the i series is a cheaper version (uses older technology )
If you plan on becoming a mini z maniac stay away from them...:D
If you can wait a month.....Kyosho will be releasing 2.4 readysets (mr02)

2011.01.09, 08:36 PM
I'd say go and grab EX-5UR and MR-03 and MA-010 2.4ghz chassis and a couple white bodies. Pricey, but a solid start into this world.

I started w/ old KT-18 and MR-15 and MA-010 2 years ago and never regretted buying in the way that I did because it opened up all the possible options for me.

2011.01.09, 09:27 PM
sounds good, is there any issues with the MR-02 model? just wondering. by the way thanks for helping out a noob

Mike Keely
2011.01.11, 05:10 PM
Some of the fastest drivers in the world still race MR02's but they have the newer 2.4 PC boards in them. The MR03's are very popular with endless hop-ups available. All of the MR03's have the new 2.4 technology so you don't need to worry what channel anyone else is running plus the reverse works so much faster. You can find the MR02's with the 2.4 boards in them also. The AM boards had a lot issues with glitching and not being able to 100% control you car every second. The 2.4 has taken care of that issue. And welcome to MiniZ's!

2011.01.11, 09:22 PM
03s have a "free" active camber suspension up front and that makes a world of difference. Also you get the ability to run super-narrow bodies with extreme stability over MR-015 (as 02 won't even fit such bodies).

You can get similar front end for the 02, but it will cost you literally as much as the car itself and I find that redundant with better stock options available.