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2011.01.10, 09:43 PM
I know Kyosho makes some small stuff, and Losi has the Micro Series. Some members of another forum and I decided that we would like to see Traxxas make something smaller then 1:16 scale. We made an online petition and would like everyone to sign it. I personally would like a Micro Revo, Maxx, Pede, or Rustler. A Micro 4-Tec would be cool to race against Mini-Zs. Please, anybody wanting more diversity in the small scale RC world, sign our petition.

2011.01.10, 10:34 PM
The better deal about a micro Revo isn't really that they can race against Z's (the drivetrain losses can't be overcome IMO) but that they can tackle terrain that Z's have no chance of surviving. Losi's got the right idea making a 1/24 off-road AWD platform but if anyone can make it true 1/28 AWD off-road that we can pop ASC's onto, I think it'll draw in a large market of people from all walks of RC.

2011.01.11, 03:32 PM
I hate to be negative but if losi can't get decent penetration at 1:24 with an entry price of $100 for an awd vehicle with oil filled shocks, full bearings, battery, charger, and radio, then I don't see much incentive. I think because they are affordable they aren't taken seriously. At the sometime it is difficult to attract new racers to mini-z because initial cost is prohibitive.

That aside, I'll sign

Just my 2 cents, I could be wrong.

Action B
2011.01.11, 05:13 PM
Losi's new micros are weird. I think they need 2.4 and a more reasonably sized motor. I bought one and its okay. I had higher expectations and would have paid another 75 if they would have met them.

2011.01.24, 06:44 PM
after testing the Losi 1/24 RTR short course truck a member's house, it made a believer out of me and I ended up buying one. For the price tag, its definately more than ok.

Add the LiPo the overall speed makes a night and day difference. I was amazed.

I'm hoping the local series slated to begin soon will include these and the rally cars.

2011.01.26, 04:26 PM
I want something like those mysterious pre-failed Racing32 cars. A normal RC in a standard model kit/slot car scale so we wouldn't depend on the primary manufacturere for the body selection.

2011.01.26, 05:56 PM
I bought one of the Losi micro rally cars and I'm very impressed with the quality and the durability. I have put this through so much crap and i haven't had any problems. I even jumped a flight of stairs and nothing broke. My lhs also is holding races for the Losi micros so that was the main reason i bought it. I added Losi 2.4 electronics out of a micro crawler into it and it handles almost as good as a mini-z. That's using the stock servo that I converted to 3 wire. I am still running on the stock battery but plan to buy a lipo as soon as i get some money.:D That's my 2cents.

2011.04.03, 03:45 AM
love my losi 1/24 mini high roller for bashing around the neighborhood....

right out of the box it was pretty impressive little thing....

flips easy but takes the abuse.... handles great once ya get the feel....

blew out the shocks learning to handle but after that things are good...

will get some upgrades like aluminum shocks and titanium tierods...

other that that this trucks is awesome....

great truck for the price and comes with a GhZ xmittter.....