View Full Version : ILR's Lunar New Year Race 2011

2011.01.10, 10:16 PM
Join us and celebrate the Lunar New Year with some fun racing. We will be racing three classes, with trophies for top three in each class.

See you at the track.


2011.01.19, 06:22 PM
Hioooo. Maybe make a comeback at this race.

2011.01.20, 02:28 PM
Hioooo. Maybe make a comeback at this race.

Sweet, we might go to Le Mans on Saturday.

2011.01.21, 08:42 AM
And you will still be running Expert :eek: I better practice!

Digitalis West
2011.02.07, 01:00 PM
Just wanted to say that we had a great time at the race! The Sportsman A main was intense. If the racing keeps up at this level I may need to start on heart medicine.

I hope everyone enjoyed the cake. Christina had a wonderful day with everyone and I want to thank you all for giving her a little birthday magic with your wonderful singing.

--Mr Gold