View Full Version : Need some info on Fine Hand Polish deco

2011.01.11, 03:09 PM
It hit me to simply spray gloss over these bodies to give them the old-school shine, but I remembered that some paint that kyosho uses (inside of the light covers, etc) tends to run horribly under gloss. So can owners of polish bodies that have graphics on them confirm whether those are painted on or are decals covered by polish?

2011.01.11, 04:50 PM
I wondered about doing the same thing a while ago. I tried Dupli-Color Truck,Van & SUV clear top coat on a old Subaru body that was scuffed up. I applied some left over water slide decals to the side. I wanted to see if and how the decals would react to the clear. I only saw some wrinkling of the decals. Difficult to see in the photos. I was surprised to see the area around the decals looked like new. I have not tried this experiment on a fine hand polish. Not sure what the results would be. I don't think Kyosho puts anything over the decals on the fine hand polish. If they do its not much. If you decided to clear a fine hand polish ASC I would be interested in seeing the results.


2011.01.11, 05:01 PM
somebody on minirc has done this and he said it was fine and looks so much better and he just wipes off small mark's, so im going to do this to mine when they come

2011.01.11, 09:19 PM
Thanks for the replies, I guess I'll go ahead and assume its ok to gloss these things.

2011.01.11, 11:14 PM
Be very gentle with the initial coats of clear -- the Kyosho decals are fairly tough, but paints, including clear coat, most often contain thinners after all.

2011.01.17, 10:43 AM
If you apply a paint that is too "hot", such as a lacquer based solvent, it will attack the underlying paints and material causing it to shrink, wrinkle, or crinkle, and possibly even melt. If done patiently and in thin layers, waiting for the subsequent layer to fully dry or cure, then you can apply in several thin coats without worry of ruining the decals.
If you're after that perfect finish, you can wait several days and use a fine sandpaper to wet sand the dried layer and apply another layer of paint after the surface is thoroughly dried and cleaned of dust and water stains.

It helps to have warm and dry ambient air to help the solvents gas out. This is why painting is not recommended during cold or humid extremes.