View Full Version : what offset will i need for these body's ?

2011.01.11, 05:13 PM
hi all im running a stock chassis and looking to see what offset i need for these body's

i have trueno, evo x, and rx7

i want the team atlas wheels but i want the deepdish type so can anyone help as im looking to buy these today thanks dom

2011.01.11, 05:41 PM
Click HERE (http://www.atomicmods.com/documents/Kyosho_Mini-Z_Body_Compatibility_And_Wheel_Offset_Chart.pdf) for the full offset list.

2011.01.11, 07:29 PM
All are narrow bodies, the Trueno and Evo X can use 0N/0W, the RX-7 FC3S is 0N/-1W, FD3S is 0N/0W. These are the offsets that I would run. You may be able to fit wider wheels on some of the bodies, but I recommend running 0N in front.

2011.01.11, 11:19 PM
The max offset you can run without camber on the Trueno is 1.5N/0W. You'll need to shave the wheel wells a little bit. FC3S will also do 1.5N/0W, maybe 2N/0W. The FD3S can actually accommodate 2.5N/1W with a bit of fender work. Evo X unknown.

I'm assuming you're buying the Atlas rims for show, rather than racing -- for racing you'd want to keep the rims farther inside the shell for protection.

2011.01.12, 12:02 PM
yes its for show but i want the deep look not just a standerd type wheel

so what would you recommend that i order ? as i see dr kustom has some wide ones on his rx 7 fds3 and thats what i bought

2011.01.12, 02:38 PM
For the FD3S you can definitely go with 0W/1W. A little camber will tuck the tires in nicely -- shave the sidewalls and fenders if you need to go lower.

2011.01.12, 03:42 PM
ok kool and what width will i need for the awd tyres ? like 8mm 11mm for the 1w ?

2011.01.12, 04:27 PM
also every where is sold out of the w-0 team atlas ! egr and h.k.s hobby !!

where else is there i can try ?

2011.01.12, 08:50 PM
Click HERE (http://www.atomicmods.com/documents/Kyosho_Mini-Z_Body_Compatibility_And_Wheel_Offset_Chart.pdf) for the full offset list.

thanks for the link, very helpful indeed :D

wonder if anybody can update it to include the other bodies (i.e. mini-power, trp bodies, etc.)

team atlas rims rock... :D

gt3's ride from this link (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33224&page=19)

2011.01.13, 01:06 PM
i cant find the size i want every place is sold out !!!!

ocean rodeo
2011.01.30, 08:01 PM
Because they are a popular choice for drifters.Flush is Lush!!!! I would use a wide offset and camber it till it fits:D

2011.01.31, 08:20 AM
0s and 1s N and 0Ws are available, everywhere actually.

Action B
2011.01.31, 08:43 AM
0s and 1s N and 0Ws are available, everywhere actually.

You haven't bought all the shops out yet?:p