View Full Version : Paint question

2011.01.12, 01:14 PM
I found a lot of bottled paints and unused spray paint cans from the storage. Are they still usable after sitting a couple of years? How about unopened nitro fuel?


Dr. Kustom
2011.01.15, 01:51 AM
They should be fine, but I would test them on something first before you actually use them. Not sure about the nitro fuel though.

2011.01.15, 07:31 AM
Sai. I wouldn't trust the fuel. sealed or not. Glow fuel or nitro is highly hydro scopic so it is very likely that there is more water in it than there should be. I would dispose of it.

2011.01.18, 12:12 AM
Can I just pour nitro into the toilet?:eek:

2011.01.18, 07:23 AM
I wouldn't classify it as sewer safe but in NYC there are probably a very large number of worse things that go down the drain. I would check with someone that recycles paint and chemicals.

2011.01.18, 11:04 AM
There is probably info on your states waste disposal web site. I called my local fire department about nitro fuel disposal a few years back and they directed me to VA's state recycling site if memory serves. Also, if you know someone at an auto shop, they might be able to help