View Full Version : punch setting equal to?

2011.01.12, 01:02 PM
maybe maybe the 'Punch' setting is equal to nothing and is totally unique?

situation: I have a Kyosho EX-5UR and for the car to move forward the throttle trigger needs to be pulled at least 1/3rd. If I trim up so the car moves with a 'hair trigger' I loose reverse

I don't know which model but I know the more advanced and expensive transmitters have a Punch setting which allows the car to have a hair trigger and still keep the reverse within range.

the fact that you can stay on the throttle All The Time if it goes all the way down to TOP of neutral means A LOT on the track. So I don't want this for bragging rights or anything like that, it is a functional setting that I really think will get my car around the track faster. After all, I already did it on the guys setup I played with.

Is there a way to achieve this goal w/ my MR-03 ASF2.4 and EX-5UR?

2011.01.12, 03:24 PM
Your best bet would be to plug into the ICS and set the throttle deadband.
There are presets for Narrow, Medium and Wide settings, and it can be custom set as well if using the Flipside ICS software.

My 03 did not need any changes, but my 02 had barely functional reverse. It now works very well after some tweaking to custom points.