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2011.01.13, 12:40 AM
I have received my 94rm chassis and the yellow corvette mr015 body and now Im ready to start building the car ! I allready installed a diff and bearing set so I need help choosing the other stuff. here is a list of what i need and some things im allready considering. with everyones input i can hopefully put a set-up together where everything works well with the other hop-ups.

1- front end PN Racing Mini-Z MR03 Double A-Arm Front Suspension (Orange)
is there anything else I need to buy for the front end ? springs ?

3- reflex racing tri damper , kyosho oil shock (yellow)

4- motor mount what is best for 94 mm

5- t-plate which one, should I go adjustable or a set ?

6- do I need any upgraded ceramic bearings or balls etc... for anything ?

7- chassis stiffener

please let me know what Im missing, I dont want to pay shipping multiple times

2011.01.13, 02:26 AM
1. I havent used the PN MR03 double A-arm, so I dont know what is included or option parts for it. Judging by the pic in the product page, I would assume that it only comes with 1 pair of springs, and I assume that the option spring set for the MR02 A-arm set is compatable. Besides the spring set, I dont think any other parts would be necessary.

2. where is number 2?

3. I run the RR tri-damper on 3 of my cars, and like the ability to adjust tweak and roll stiffness. Kyosho oil shock is the best that I have used for Mini-Z. Be sure to get an option spring set as well as a few different thickness oils. 20/30/40... this will let you adjust your damping to your track conditions. Also be sure to get some Kyosho 15000 grease, it works the best for the side shocks from what I have tried. The RR TDS does take a little work to get setup, but once its setup it requires little maintenance. Just a little cleaning and re-greasing every once in a while.

4. The RR tri-damper is compatable with PN 94mm LCG 4 mounts with the extended damper arm. I prefer the full alloy version, since there are less seperate parts than the newer carbon fiber/alloy version. RR will be releasing their own motormount in the near future, so you can keep your eye out for it. I dont have any dates, but I assume it will be available by spring.

5. With the tri-damper setup, I have been playing around with the Qteq T-bar in one of my cars. I like the adjustability that it offers, and the increased rear grip as well. If not adjusted properly, the car will be very difficult to setup. If you want to go with a t-plate for simplicity, I have had good results with the RR medium 94mm plate in combination with the RR t-plate adapter which has an adjustable pivot (grub screw in the adapter). I use a PN black 3 in one of my cars that doesnt have an oil shock. The PN plates typically offer more front/back stiffness than lateral stiffness (they are thicker than Kyosho and ATM plates, but are not as wide typically), so are a good option if you dont use an oil shock. The Kyosho and ATM are good options for DDS cars since they offer more lateral stiffness but are compliant front/rear, I havent really used them for TDS based cars because I want less lateral stiffness because the side shocks will do that work.

6. For bearings, I use the RR bearings, they are the best bang for the buck. If they are not available, I use 3Racing (cheap) and clean them and use my own oil.

7. I havent used the chassis stiffener, so I really cannot comment on that right now.

What differential are you planning to use? Motor? I would recommend using ceramic balls in the diff. For tire choice, I would definitely start with Kyosho 20d radials, and depending on motor choice I would try ATM 40d slick-R, PN X patter 15d, Kyosho 30d radial... Those are typically the only tires that I need for any setup that I have used in the last year (besides LM and F1).

Hope the info helps...

2011.01.13, 03:23 AM
Also depends on your future plans for lots of these. IF you want to run 90mm cars I'd get PN or atomic 90mm MidMount and the appropriate damper disk/plate systems as far as the rear end goes.

2011.01.13, 03:33 AM
thankks for the help ! will the lcg rearend work well with the front end I chose ?

this car will stay 94mm, I prefer to have multiple cars for different set-ups

as far as number 2 I have edited it so many times it got lost lol I dont even remember what it was lol

*** is there a good alternative to the front end I chose, its very expensive . Im willing to pay it if its worth it though

2011.01.13, 04:36 AM
Honestly, why not just copy one of the reflex racing 03 setups? They ARE world champion level and their cars are absoluetly solid. You might just save quite a few bucks too.

2011.01.13, 05:44 AM
I went to there site but couldnt find them. 'i only found mr02 set-ups ???

2011.01.13, 07:28 AM
Honestly, why not just copy one of the reflex racing 03 setups? They ARE world champion level and their cars are absoluetly solid. You might just save quite a few bucks too.

pnracing has won almost all the pn regionals and world cups

at the MHS regional chad nelson pn team driver won pan car mod and gt mod and placed 2nd in 70 turn stock

also david graboski placed 1st in the most competitve class 70 turn stock and ran a very close race with chad in the a main for gt mod goin bak and fourth for first place and chad got away with it but they are both expierienced driver and pnracing very own

also at the worls chad placed i believe first in stock mod and pan mod with all his teamates right behind him

then the garden state shootout dave graboski took down first in gt mod and mikey juliano took down first in a very competitive class 80 turn stock
and then the mini nationals chad and the pn crew took down trophy wins i believe also

pn racing parts are best when u use them all together.... run the v3 mount with 94 mm side shock runs best with that front end if your running 94 then run the ferrari f430..if not thats okayy....run a 4 t plate pn racing....and your car should be good if not im sure there are other reasons....not becasue RR won world cups