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2011.01.14, 11:32 AM
i was looking online and found 2 part numbers for the c9 white body. mzn100 and mzn122. the mzn100 says it is the highdown force configuration. anybody have any idea?

2011.01.14, 12:03 PM
My guess would be that it is the same body wit ha different rear wing. I wasn't paying much attention to racing in the late 80s early 90s, but if I remember correctly there wee a couple of different variations of how the front air intakes were, and there were a couple of rear wings they used on c9s. It is possible that Kyosho would have remolded one of the different body shells, but it would make more sense for them to just make a double decker rear wing with larger side dams on it. That would be pretty true to what was run in high DF applications....to my knowledge anyway.....


Pic stolen from Google images.....

2011.01.14, 12:37 PM
That is a sexy body!

2011.01.14, 01:17 PM

The High Downforce version is the last one Kyosho has made. Only difference seems to be a rear spoiler a little higher and more vertically mounted than the previous one.

Here's a pic of the high down force version:


VS the old:


2011.01.14, 01:20 PM
Just a different wing. http://shop.tinyrc.com/d_images/KYO-MZP329AG-a.jpg

I just got the unpainted version from the shop here, for the wing. The LM class that is run at Cruizin With RCs mandates a stock wing... and I broke my stock rear wing at the first Carolina Cup that I attended at HSH.

2011.01.14, 03:35 PM
Eugene, Please report back after testing the new wing. Too bad you don't have the original to do back-to-back testing. Wade is painting a C9 for me with the HDF wing, but its not ready yet.