View Full Version : 2011 Dakar Rally

2011.01.16, 06:05 PM
anyone else watch the 2011 dakar rally?

i found vs. coverage to be horrible in general. coverage for stages 1-8 were just abismal with wasted camera footage of bad camera angles, driver faces, etc.

later coverage of stages in the desert and mountains picked up and provided more insight and actual racing coverage of more than what felt like espn clip shows.

the special corresponent stuff was pure junk. given the very short format for each show, it felt like you were getting shorted out of what we really wanted to see.

2011.01.17, 06:58 AM
I caught what they claimed was the last episode, The Run between Argentina and Chile
Boy was I disapointed too
Seemed more like a highlights show than anything else
but that seems to be typical for Versus especially what do you
expect when they have special corrospondents like
Ines Sainz who is just cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame
for being in the Jets locker room at the wrong time and trying
to interview the wrong person dressed inapproapriately
(well I'll leave it at that)

2011.01.17, 10:11 AM
I, as most people down here in South America have followed the Dakar real closely.

We had TV coverage from FOX Sports HD every day in a 1 hour highlights and interviews show for that day.

It was amazing to see Sanz and Al-Attiyah pulling together through the sand, fighting head to head. Or watching the quads and bikes in the mud in the last sessions.

This edition was said to be the toughest of all Dakars. Even-though, the VWs were amazing and they glided all over.

The KTM's were fantastic, with Marc and Cyril fighting until the final stages, a few minutes from one another.

Next time try justin.tv (http://www.justin.tv/search?q=dakar&commit=Search).