View Full Version : Mrcg set ups

2011.01.17, 01:38 PM
I'm looking for setups for the new Mrcg 1.1 pn version chassis. Email to jbhobbies@yahoo.com

2011.01.17, 03:52 PM
The base setup I came up with is a good place to start. :)


Some changes have to be made due to new products out on the market:

Front tires: PN Racing 20d slick OR Kyosho 30d racing radial
Front tire dia: 23-23.5mm
Front spring: PN MR02 White
Oil damper: Kyosho, 1000wt oil w/ PN Dual-shock Yellow (super hard)

With those changes you should be fairly good to go on any RCP track. If you're racing on carpet I recommend silicone tires if allowed, both the PN Carpet series and Atomic tires are good picks.