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2011.01.17, 03:24 PM
We have been working on the series for a while, read about it on its own blog page.

If you have any questions, post here. Please keep the conversation related to the series only, so as to build a good reference thread.


Mike Keely
2011.01.17, 05:08 PM
Hi Christian, how long do we have to get each six race series completed? Is there a minimum on the entries per series at our track? Thanks

2011.01.17, 05:21 PM
This is one of the best ideas I've seen yet for racing a series on a club level :cool:. I'll be talking it up at High Speed Hobbies this Thursday during our normal racing ;). Hopefully we'll be participating :D.

2011.01.17, 05:32 PM
Love the idea!

One question... Our stock class have as limitation: 2wd, 70T hand out motor, and no VDS body... this 3 things are the limitations.. so we can see a cooper or porshe running against Lemans, if the racer choose it...

Can we still participate?

2011.01.17, 05:52 PM
Well, the intention is to get the clubs out there and create a network that will promote each individual club. Our vision is to create an interactive network of sites that focuses on the local race results from week to week. We want to keep the focus on individual clubs first and foremost.

With that, I would say that there would have to be a 6 participant minimum to receive the 50 dollar gift certificate for the winner. But 3 participants is enough for the club to receive the discount/

The minimum amount of time to complete a series would be 6 weeks, since there is a maximum of 1 race date per week, per series.

Doug, before we can make a decision, try to convince your club to run a theme. Present them with the guidelines set forth by the series and see what they think. I am sure that given the prizes, you can probably all agree on a theme. Maybe the first series you run is Mini Cooper and later on you can run LM. Part of the whole series thing is to get those Autoscales off the shelf and on the track. Running purely standard classes is kind of what we are doing already. We want to do things a bit differently in order to get people excited about this, and hopefully increase participation.

2011.01.17, 05:58 PM
BTW, we already have the first club signed up!!!

MC3 in Mississauga (Toronto), Canada is the first club signed up!

2011.01.17, 06:02 PM
I think it is a great idea as well and will gang up on the other guys at High Speed with James.

2011.01.17, 06:09 PM
Interesting concept, Cristian, running body-selective Stock classes. That's a good thing for spectators, a club could run multiple Stock races a night and change the bodies up every time to keep things interesting.

Overall looks like a good basic ruleset, I hope more clubs adopt it for non-RCP-based Mini-Z racing as well!

2011.01.17, 06:23 PM
Brian, we thought that by having the specific theme races, we can appeal to more outsiders that can look at the different, cool 'Z bodies that got a very large group of racers into the scale in the first place. It's something different as well, so that might interest additional racers.

As for different classes on the same night. This would not be allowed under the current rule structure, but what could be instituted at a later point is that a race series for a club can run a different category at each series date. This would certainly have an IROC feel to it.

2011.01.17, 06:34 PM
Nice concept!
Will definitely try to arrange a series in Norway.

2011.01.17, 06:42 PM
Part of the whole series thing is to get those Autoscales off the shelf and on the track. Running purely standard classes is kind of what we are doing already. We want to do things a bit differently in order to get people excited about this, and hopefully increase participation.

For me personally this is the strength of this series and something that should have been tried a long time ago by everyone, so kudos there...since it's noted additional themes can be created then if we did run the series locally i would like to see a vintage Porsche club race theme based on 86mm 934rsr bodies. back in 2007 one of the guys was running a solid red one for kicks in practice and wow, talk about killer cool.:cool:

Mike Keely
2011.01.17, 07:09 PM
I was thinking more on the lines of needing 7 weeks to complete a series because we use one Sat. a month to do the HFAY races.

2011.01.17, 07:16 PM
CT, would it be permissable to run multiple classes per race night, but have only one chosen class count for the RRCS? Many tracks run more than one class already on a race night.

I will suggest this series to a few local tracks and see if there is interest.

All of the 3 major local tracks run complely different classes already... most dont fit the normal structure of stock GT, mod GT etc... I dont know if they would be willing to change the class structure much, but at least one class could fit the structure proposed in the blog.

2011.01.17, 08:30 PM
EMU, you can run up to 2 simultaneous series at once. At the club level, at your track, you can run however many classes you want on a given night. 2 Max will be reflex sponsored. You many even run it as a 4th class at action if it's ok with Al. The main thing is that people get involved in the format and also on the website. I am more worried about developing the track-site network than anything else. Not only will it be self-promoting, but it will get the whole racing community more involved and tightly knit.

Mike, you can take however long you want to complete 6 races. If you want to do every other week or once a month, it is up to you guys. The reason there is a max once race per week is so that people don't try to knock out a race series per week or so. This would take away from the novelty and build up that can be created in between events.

A benefit that I could see is that at the end of the year, at least regionally, on different parts of the planet, clubs could host a race where there is a category for only Race Series champions as one of the classes. An "invitational" of sorts.

2011.01.17, 09:01 PM

Kudos for a great idea and running with it.

MC3 will be running both a stock series and a mod series.

The guys have already decided we will all run 102mm LM configs and bodies for our Mod class. Most guys have already purchased R246 LiFe cells, cords and battery clips along with either Reflex's or PN's 70 turn motor. However some are going to use the NiMH option with any turn motor (i.e. Atomic T2/ PN 35 turn, etc...).

Combo rules (stock & mod) above series rules posted by Reflex above:

-tire warmers are allowed
-can run LM tires/rims
-gyros are allowed
-minimum 175g weight
-following motor tuning is allowed: Racers can break-in the bushings, change to silver brushes and shim the armature. No other mods are allowed

We felt by opening up rules a little would make good, fast racing.

2011.01.17, 09:41 PM
so i understand this rt...if we started with....Renault Megane Trophy would we have to do all 6 races with Renault Megane Trophy?

2011.01.17, 10:48 PM
Correct, but you have to have a page with results that are updatable, using the current rules set forth. This means open 70 turn motors in stock, any brand as long as it has brass bushings, ferrite magnets, and 130 size motor. For mod, the option of LiFe batteries and 70 turn motors is also allowed.

2011.01.17, 11:36 PM
Just out of personal curiosity, would say, 90mm wheelbase limit be enough of a theme as opposed to narrowing things down to 1-2 bodies only? Or length + chassis width as opposed to a set body?

2011.01.17, 11:42 PM
90mm could be a class, given that it is not like F40's vs Mini Coopers or RX7's. The way the rules are written are for "themes", not really a WB restriction, so that "similar" bodies are run, simulating real racing.

2011.01.18, 06:44 AM
We was thinking about running a Nascar class in our club... 50T motors, oval and normal track. Can it be a mod series?

2011.01.18, 08:25 AM
Great idea CT! Just spread word in Germany. First drivers responses are encouraging. Maybe some club will now take up the idea and RRCS goes transatlantic?!

2011.01.18, 11:46 AM
Doug, it has to fit under the Mod or Stock Structure. So it will either have to be a 70 turn class or open motor. NASCAR would be fine as a class.

Racer HH, keep us posted!!! We want more clubs involved.

2011.01.18, 02:34 PM
sounds like a fun idea just pm'd club members (essex micro racers club) & on the uk's best forum to see what the interest is hope to be able to do it

2011.01.18, 02:50 PM
Sounds good!!! I am excited to see so much interest.

Mike Keely
2011.01.18, 06:42 PM
Anyone know what is involved in making and keeping up a blog?

2011.01.18, 06:55 PM
Anyone know what is involved in making and keeping up a blog?

time my friend... just time and energy. i would have done this years ago but i'm struggling to keep up with all the forums, admin jobs, etc. we actually started a blog site years ago, mini-zracing.com. it never took off as blogging just wasn't big then. that and i never had time to devote to it.

i'd like to discuss using the RR series as a basis for our local group racing. lets discuss at the mimi's. i'd like for us to join this.

2011.01.18, 07:34 PM

blogspot.com is the place to get it done. It is super simple and pretty quick. If you are adventurous you can customize it, otherwise, there are templates.

We are just using this format, because it is the closest thing to a good website template that is free and also easy to use.

I am glad you guys are interested. I would love to see more people join in.

Mike Keely
2011.01.18, 07:43 PM
What would be the difference between a blog and having a spot on this events section to post all of our results? I think that most of the intrested parties are here. Just wondering?:confused:

2011.01.18, 07:57 PM
Well, the network of tracks is what is important for this. This is a promotional tool for the clubs, in which everyone will get to showcase their club. Our vision is for people from the other side of the world to have somewhere that is easy to navigate and look at what another club is doing. This is why we require the page. On a forum, it is harder to navigate, keep track and showcase all the clubs. It is just not designed to do this. So no, we cannot use the forums for this. :)

2011.01.18, 09:44 PM
i respectfully disagree with that viewpoint.
on the plus side
what blogs can offer is a sense of identity that can indeed bring search engine hits, etc. tinyrc for example has blogs that each member can create. this site has this capability as well, it's just not been requested or demanded thus not implemented.

i'm all for the series and love the idea. our club has been holding themes races for years, as others have as well.

2011.01.18, 10:03 PM
Well, arch, if Tiny RC has a better way to host this, would you guys be willing to do this? It could become the Tiny RC/ Reflex Racing Club series...

Just sayin'... The more sponsors and parties involved, the better and more successful this club series would be.

2011.01.18, 10:12 PM
:p not trying to say we are the way, just one of many:cool: it's all about using available tools effectively. i'll talk to david about getting the blog feature up if there is demand for it. it's certainly an option.

either way, i will be participating :p

2011.01.18, 10:46 PM
I agree with the idea of a centralized blog/page/whatever if the series have results in common as the HFAY Series, where anybody can compare himself with anybody else in the world. It's a fantastic idea. It's just natural to go look someone else's results just for the sake of the Series' Spirit.

But Chris's idea is a little bit different I think. It's more of "let's have various club share the same rules" kind iof thing. With certain variations on the theme, logically, but with a basic set of rules that may come accross clubs.

That way if you go to different clubs you can still have a somewhat "compatible" car to race with.

I go for a centralized spot (blog/forum/site) where news from all over integrate and spread, and where you can find a "directory" of clubs that hosts these series. But also for each club to have a very own page where local results and news are made public.

This can be accomplished with what Archie says, about creating a blog for each club where they must post their results. But all whithin the scope/reach/virtual space of a single centralized site.

Correct me if I'm wrong Christian, but that's what I felt about your idea.

The Central space is done already and it's http://reflexracingclubseries.blogspot.com/

The Internet offers innumerable solutions.

2011.01.19, 12:37 AM
Leonen, you are right on!

2011.01.19, 08:23 AM
i like this idea, but to me there is no need to compare time between clubs as no one will be running the same layout. unless i missed something. i find it more of a way to try and get clubs on the same page with rules, and classes this way as leonen stated i can go to any club race and be familiar with race rules. i also feel for reflex to step up and offer the prizes and discounts is awsome. the only downside i see is most tracks have a few guys that typically win and this would never allow the lower finishers to take part in the rewards. not sure what could be down about this though.

2011.01.19, 09:10 AM
I just read today about a Series where everybody races 70t motors and podium finishers, must use 80t in the next race.

It's an interesting concept, but is there so much difference between these two motors, that their usage may translate into handicap?

Anyway, I think only PN has 80t motors, so that would be a branded series so far. Also drivers are forced to buy two different motors.

Handicaps are interesting in a way to try to level stuff, but must be carefully think'd of.

Last of all, faster drivers will always win, no mater the motor, or any other handicaps.

2011.01.19, 09:27 AM
Last of all, faster drivers will always win, no mater the motor, or any other handicaps.

You are absolutely right on this one. Plus: sometimes you cannot even compare two 70T motors from the same manufacturer as there seems to be some kind of tolerance. So you will never have it all equalized and therefore we should not bother about handicaps other than maybe with the tiki-tiki / chase mode in fun races.

2011.01.19, 09:52 AM
I just read today about a Series where everybody races 70t motors and podium finishers, must use 80t in the next race.

It's an interesting concept, but is there so much difference between these two motors, that their usage may translate into handicap?

this is the series my club is running now. yes you do have to buy another motor but its only 10 bucks and its not like its a one time use. aqs far as speed there is a big difference in the 70 and 80 turn. im not proposing we do this arrangement but i feel something should be done to keep the new guys interested, and i feel the store discount is doing that to a point.

im realy interested to see how this series turns out.

2011.01.19, 10:20 AM
The approach for my shop will be to award the top 3 a breakout of the $50 from Reflex as follows: 1st place - $25, 2nd place $15 and 3rd place $10.

I'm thinking of an added bonus where I will award the bottom 3 something called "Racebucks". "Racebucks" can be used toward race fees. So, last place- $25, 2nd last- $15, 3rd last- $10. That way, there is motivation and acknowledgement for slower people.

Thanks to CT for input into those ideas!

2011.01.19, 11:19 AM
This series will never see an 80 turn run together with a 70 turn motor. This is not something that promotes the 70 turn class, which is our intention. While people are having success with this concept, it is too complex to enforce series wide. Where is the cut-off? What if you are a fringe guy? While at some clubs it may work flawlessly, I can see this causing a lot of dissent at others. So again, I don't want to touch this arrangement with a 10 ft pole... :P This is not even up for discussion.

I understand if the same people may win constantly. These people also typically put more effort and time into the hobby. This is not Fun Fair Positive Soccer, where everyone gets a trophy and nobody loses. This is a competition, if you want the prize, put the time in, work hard and get faster!For those that are not capable of winning, there is a discount at the store, which they can also take advantage of.

We worked out diffferent prize packages for MC3 and Action RC. Remember, we are just putting the foot forward and providing some prizes for people, clubs are free and encouraged to give out prizes to their other series winners if they deem necessary. One suggestion I gave Action was to thow an extra dollar or two to each entry fee to go towards a prize pot. At the end of the series, we can provide prizes at dealer cost for you guys which you can by with the money raised. You can make a raffle at the series finale and the winners would not be eligible.

2011.01.19, 11:37 AM
Also, to encourage slower guys, you can run a second class within the same race... (kind of GT1 and GT2, but obviously all with the same cars).

Perhaps... most constant, best rookie.

Leveling is not intended to make slow guys win, but to make things more interesting in the track.

2011.01.19, 04:21 PM
Also, to encourage slower guys, you can run a second class within the same race... (kind of GT1 and GT2, but obviously all with the same cars).

Perhaps... most constant, best rookie.

Leveling is not intended to make slow guys win, but to make things more interesting in the track.
Some/Many tracks already do this, actually. :) Whenever I go to Inside Line the turnouts are always so large, Binh splits the drivers off into Novice/Sportsman/Expert. I don't see this practice changing even if the Reflex rules get implemented -- if anything has to change, the slowest Expert driver can bump down to Sportsman class next race, and the fastest Sportsman driver must bump up to Expert (similarly, Novice --> Sportsman and Sportsman --> Novice).

2011.01.19, 08:16 PM
Leveling the field is exactly what the tiki-tiki system is designed for. Let's see clubs take advantage of this feature if the desire is truely to level the field or handicap. it's certainly a much better option than bringing in multiple motors. I can't see how that would work well or not cause significant dissention.

2011.01.21, 11:51 AM
High Speed Hobbies in Charlotte is in. We will contact you CT to get our first series organized soon.

2011.01.21, 01:38 PM
High Speed Hobbies, in NC has officially joined the network! Thanks for your support guys!!! Welcome aboard!

2011.01.21, 05:53 PM
ZROUND has joined in on the series!!!

Next week, they will release the latest version of the software. In this new revision, a "REFLEX RACING" championship format will be incorporated. In this format, you will have the point structure as well as the championship length pre-determined. This will make tracking results and points tables much easier to do and export to each club's site!!!

Mike Keely
2011.01.21, 06:48 PM
I am sure we will join in also. We are looking to try and get the Washington DC GTG club and Remnant racing to team up as a group for this. We are hoping to get this finalized at the Capital Challenge race.

2011.01.21, 07:40 PM
Awesome news Mike!!!

Well, the home page has been updated with some extra news, new links, etc.

www.reflexracingclubseries.blogspot.com (http://www.reflexracingclubseries.blogspot.com)

2011.02.22, 02:04 PM
As we have arranged with Christian, CircuitoZur (http://www.circuitozur.com.ar/) will also run these series as special events, with the 6 races spaced by 6 weeks each.

Beginning March 19th they will span till October 2011.

Last weekend we tested the new Atomic 70t motors and at first look, they seem really amazing. They have a very very smooth running and cool speed.

We'll have to see if they are really similar in performance to one another on track, but I sincerely recommend these.

Mike Keely
2011.04.24, 10:37 PM
This was our second Reflex series race.


We are all running some kind of Ferrari body and stock motors. I am the tall guy at the end by the soda machines and driving the Red 430. At the end Gary and Matt at battling for second so I backed off so they could race. We should have everything set-up on this thread here this month.


2011.04.26, 02:42 AM
Awesome! I miss you running with you guys!