View Full Version : AWD RCP Trucks...please help!!!

2011.01.21, 02:47 AM
Hi Guys!
I have an AWD with SAS (front and back)
I usually use it on parquet or carpet facts, but last night I tryed on RCP Trucks.
The grip was very high and often the car (specialy in fast curves) tipped over. I tried harder tyres (maybe I didn't have the right kind), but the car was always close to tipping. Any idea for a good setup for AWD on these tracks?

and thank you!

2011.01.21, 03:07 AM
greetings and welcome to the forums...
anyway what body do you run? what springs are you using? (i'm guessing for you to use softer springs) along with harder fronts and softer rears... haven't tried an sas system just yet... maybe others can chime in... :D

2011.01.25, 01:19 PM
My last test:
motor chili
distance 94mm
gear ratio:19-29
front tire:30 Atomic
bk tire:30 "X" Atomic
S.A.S. on front whit hard spring (yellow)
S.A.S. on bk whit medium spring (blue)
height to floor 2.2mm front -2.8mm bk...so really low

at the moment roll on the runway :(

Now I will try with distance 98, but I think that I'll roll again...

2011.01.25, 02:30 PM
Stick to carpet track. Your AWD will perform so much better on this surface. Use MR cars for RCP.

Here you go:
Blue/Gray with gold terminals chassis
ASF board with 4562 Fets double stack (2x4)
Stock steel drive shaft
ATM 8t pinion shaft
ATM 29t spur shaft
ATM titanium screws
PN ceramic balls for the diffs
PN ceramic ball bearings
PN 1.5 knuckles front
PN 2.0 knuckles rear
PN +3 wheel offset fronts
PN +2 wheel offset rear
PN green low down springs (non-metallic)
PN light blue low down springs
PN aluminum 19t pinion
Kyosho motor heat sink
Kyosho 20 Wide Rear
Kyosho 30 Narrow Front
Kyosho aluminum lug nuts (kyosho only!)
Kyosho stock plastic swing shaft
Kyosho ball diffs
Kyosho stock front toe
3Racing 98mm extension
3Racing 2 degree toe in rear

Also check www.reflexracing.net. They also have good AWD setup.

2011.01.27, 01:05 PM
thank you!!!
I will try soon a new setup:)