View Full Version : ko eurus rf-901sm and reverse

2011.01.21, 04:47 PM
Hi guys i have a problem,

i have this component ko-eurus whit rf-901sm 2,4ghz module, i have binding my mr02lm mr03 and dnano and work fine, but don't have the reverse!

I tried to reset the settings of the various models, but it 'is of no avail,

Can you help me?

sorry for englisg i'm italian,

thanks Andrea

2011.01.21, 10:20 PM
Once you've bound the car, make sure you have it on the model memory you wish to use. Then check the amount of braking set using the toggle to the right of the steering wheel. Set the brake to 60. Then use the throttle trim switch to the left of the steering wheel to click forward. Give it forward clicks with the car turned on until you hear the car start making a tone. As soon as the tone begins, stop. Then give it backward throttle trim clicks until the tone quits. When the tone stops, give it two more backward throttle trim clicks. Check and I bet you'll have reverse now :). If you adjust you're brake in the future, go back through this process to gain optimum reverse settings. I've found that brake settings between 50 and 60 function best.