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2011.01.22, 04:26 PM
Guys, I need to replace my main chassis. I'm thinking of getting the SP chassis but I want to know if its worth it. Or should I just get another black chassis?
Thanks in advance...

2011.01.22, 05:08 PM
Definitely worth it. Aside from the obvious reasons there are parts included with the SP that do not come with the standard chassis.

2011.01.22, 05:18 PM
I just rebuilt my car after last night's racing with a black chassis, but I am also curious. Does the SP make a significant positive difference? Is it as tough as the stock black chassis? I have been hearing that the SP is slightly more brittle.

With Kenon moving to new RCP tiles, we may have to re-think our setups entirely. :o

2011.01.23, 01:47 AM
The extra parts you get along with the gold terminals make it worth the additional price but if you don't need them...

If anything I would say that the grey plastic is softer. Tightening screws into a brand new hole has a 'gummier' feel on the grey plastic. I feel that the grey screw holes would strip more easily. Softer might mean more resistance to cracking.

I've tried testing torsional stiffness of both chassis simply by trying to twist them with my hands. They felt the same. Obviously that was orders or magnitude more force than what they are subjected to on the track (other than collisions), so who knows if it's applicable. Vertical and lateral flex on both was virtually non-existent.

I doubt any minute difference in chassis stiffness would be tangible on the track. The gold terminals are nice and that might be reason alone to get the SP chassis.

2011.01.25, 02:22 PM
thanks for the input guys.....