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2011.01.24, 05:58 AM
I have a 2.4 board in a old mr-02 for my kids. I think the default center if off to the left on the board. When it was my car I had my m8 centered way to one side.

Problem is the kt-18 will center. I get Max travel to the left within range. It only max out to ~ 60% travel to the right before the radio maxs out on the right EPA range.

I pulled the board out and did not see a centering pot screw on the board like the old AM boards.

Any ideas. This a retired 2.4 car for my kids(2/4)/loaner car for raceday for friends. I really dont want the kids using a high end radio yet as they are still pretty hard on them.

2011.01.25, 05:20 AM
click on kyosho online manual kt-18 here (http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/digital_prcs/pdf/82001_perfex_kt18_m.pdf)

see page 17-19... hope this helps :D

2011.01.25, 07:50 AM
I read that but issue is the radio beeps (max EPA) while the car is only 50% trim in one direction. The other direction it is not max and at full travel.

Would swapping the pot out help recenter the neutral point?

2011.01.26, 04:13 AM

are you sure you are performing the directions on page 18?

left and right endpoints can be set differently...

you might want to try ''resetting'' the tx... (page 25)

good luck hope this helps... :D

2011.01.26, 07:07 AM
Yes I set left and right seperately.
It is a used radio I pickup for my kids to use. I have used a high end raido for 22 year and just used the pn adaptor with Ko module in it for my Zs. The default setting was maybe 40% travel on both directions when i binded the car. On my M8 radio I can go + 50% travel when setting. That 02 car worked on that radio for a year and a half flawlessly when I converted ot to 2.4.

I try the TX reset tonight.