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2011.01.24, 10:11 AM
Okay guys, I have some great news!


Brent was able to secure the spot next door (the old mattress store) for racing, starting Feb. 1st. We have a month-to-month lease for now to see how it goes, but we're ready to set up a big track. Might do something 1/18 - 1/10 as well, but for now we can focus on RCP.

Pedro, call me at the store when you see this.


2011.01.24, 10:18 AM
Great news Mark. I will be up as soon as the Doctor cuts me loose.

2011.01.24, 10:57 AM
Great news! I think this will help getting more people "interested"

2011.01.24, 11:18 AM
GREAT! Called you... call me back.

2011.01.24, 12:22 PM
Awesome news! I look forward to it!

2011.01.25, 11:04 AM
If everything works out we could have a large "event sized" RCP track in Mooresville, NC! A few more details to work out but it is looking good. Hobbytown have an ILap infrared timing system, similar to a Giro, that will work well for the MiniZs. I will be discussing plans with the High Speed Hobbies group this Thursday about staging some races at Hobbytown. Hopefully we can have a track in place early Feb and have a Saturday race or two during the month. HT also want to expand into other scales in the space. This is a good opportunity to expose the general public to the fun of 1/28th scale racing as the space has large windows and is in a high traffic area, across from the epicenter of American southern life... Walmart. Hope to see the budding Mooresville group of Z racers as well as the old guard from High Speed at the new track soon.

2011.01.27, 09:21 PM
It's great to hear that Hobby Town is expanding their Mini-Z area :cool:. Kyler and I are looking forward to trading some paint with the rest of the Mooresville crew :D.

2011.01.27, 09:25 PM
i hope it works out well. it's not easy convincing a hobby shop to commit floor space to tracks. in the end i had to provide everything in order to get our area hobby shop to host the races. it was not cheap but it's a worthy investment for racing in our area.

good luck and i hope to hear success stories coming from you guys.

2011.01.30, 09:42 AM
I was there yesterday. This is great news for HobbyTown and us as racers. Great facility and plenty of room. Ample room for tracks(yes I said tracks) and pit space. This will be the boost they need and we've wanted to get Mini Z racing to Mooresville. It will turn into another Carolin Cup team and an awesome venue for larger events. There are also a bunch of displaced 1/10 scale carpet racers in the Mooresville area that will be attracted by the larger facility. They have also sold over a hundred Losi 1/24 Short course trucks. I don't have one, but have driven one and they are a bunch of fun. I will be building some stadium style jumps to lay down on the RCP. This will be a bunch of fun. Imagine the turn out you could have with these things is some offroaders were to join in, maybe even convert a few.

I spoke with Mark myself yesterday. He's working on an order now to fill the show case. He said we have an area for the RCP aprox 40' x 25'. I'll start working on some 20 x 14 tile layouts later today. This should be about perfect. What do you guys think? Mark is excited, as I'm sure so is Brent and the rest of the staff. Mark, keep us updated on eta of when we can get in and get to work.

All of my track except for the wide radius oval will be available. We'll probably need more till we get things going. Anyone have some there not using for temporary track set up.


Daddy Rabbit
2011.01.30, 01:11 PM
Good luck to all you guys involved in this venture.
Can't wait to run in a organized race there, just let us know when.

2011.01.31, 06:01 PM
Lookin forward to it.I hope it gets big enough for at least 1 weeknight series.Workin 6 day weeks for the forseeable future but we will make it when we can.I was getting close to selling what little bit of stuff we got.

2011.01.31, 09:31 PM
Don't sell you're junk yet!! Mini-Z racing is gonna get crunk up in the Mooresville area shortly :cool:. Pedro is already working on a schedule and the rest of us can hardly wait :D.

2011.02.01, 06:08 AM
Crunk?! James is right! We are hoping to take advantage of Brent and Mark's efforts to get a racing scene going in Mooresville. We believe with a larger, dedicated space and a reliable timing system we can build on the small group we had racing on the rather small in-store track.

Besides getting some weekly racing going we want to hold at HT some of our Reflex Racing Club Series races that we are kicking off this week at High Speed. See reflexracing.net and their dedicated blog for details on this series. We are running a LeMans modified motor series, cool looking cars with horsepower! Tentatively, our first LM series race at HT will be Saturday Feb 12.

We also plan to hold the first round of the Carolina Cup Championship at this location around late March or early April. This year long championship pits the North Carolina group against the Myrtle Beach SC group for bragging rights and cool prizes. We also get racers from as far away as New York, Virginia and Texas for example. If things pan out we hope to petition for other manufacturer sponsored events at this track later in the year.

Don't just hold on to your junk, charge your batteries!

2011.02.02, 04:33 AM
I'll get to charging.

2011.02.07, 03:14 PM
Any developments? Pictures would be nice!

2011.02.09, 07:51 AM
Sorry guys, I'm running behind as usual. I spoke with Mark over the weekend, They have the keys and should be able to access the area today. I'm planning on going over Saturday getting the track set up.

What I need to know is who's coming over to help and what track are you bringing. What's a good time. I'd like to be there when they open. Can anyone bring a good vacuum or shop vac. Please try to let me know by tomorrow evening so I can talk with the guys at Hobby town and verify everything.

I'll have a few track layouts for opinions at High Speed tomorrow.


2011.02.09, 08:11 AM
I will try and be there.

2011.02.09, 09:32 AM
I spoke to Mark last night and they are still working with the landlord, he has been out of town. He still thinks they are OK for the weekend, hopefully they can confirm today. I will be there as early as we can get in, I have a super sucker shop vac.

2011.02.10, 06:32 AM
I have a super sucker shop vac.

Cool, so you're bringing Kromie with you :D. Man I miss that bald dude :p.

2011.02.11, 11:46 AM
Hey guys, we have a small road block to deal with.

We just got in the space, and found damage that the landlord was unaware of.

A pipe above the bathroom leaked a bunch of water over the bathroom and the back 1/3 of the space is soaking wet. The carpet should be okay, but the bathrooms are unsafe; ceiling caved in, drywall sagging, and the light fixtures have fallen down. We didn't get a key before the power company came to turn the power on, and since the breakers weren't off they refused to turn the power on. So, that is being rescheduled for next week as well. The landlord should have the water cleaned up and we should be able to get in there to setup the track early next week.

I know this sucks, but we're doing the best we can.

2011.02.11, 12:08 PM
Mark you guys are doing a fine job. You can't help circumstances beyond your control. You will be fortunate if you get access next week at all especially if there is sheetrock and ceiling damage. If it isn't too bad maybe a lower rent can be negotiated. That might be a possibility anyway just for the inconvenience. Worth a try.

2011.02.11, 02:48 PM
Brent showed me the space yesterday evening.Once everything is dry we will have a very nice place to race.Plenty of room.:D:D:D

2011.02.13, 03:09 PM
Just stopped by HT and the doors are open! The guys have set up a Road Rail 10th scale track and have been running around. We will have to work with the 10th scale guys to get some room for a decent size track but that should be no problem, they know as well as we that one scale alone isn't gonna pay the rent. We should be able to pull up some of the Road Rail for MiniZ race days. We would need to have a smaller track or shove it right into the corner for general practice days, they want be able to have both tracks running continuously. We also need to figure out how to share the timing system but I think connecting two bridges, one for each track, to one computer shouldn't be a problem for practice days. On race days one or the other gets the timing system outright. We will have to work with the HT management and the big scale guys to get it all sorted out. We need to start looking at scheduling a CC 2011 event soon!

2011.02.16, 08:23 PM
The RCP track is going in this Saturday with the first club race scheduled for the 26th. Those of you in the area please come on out and support 1/28th scale on-road racing!

2011.02.17, 03:12 PM
What time? I am off this Saturday.So I can help.

2011.02.17, 10:39 PM
I'll be there when they open at 10am..


2011.02.18, 11:34 AM
Has anyone tried running a mini-z on the carpet? If not someone give it a shot tomorrow. The traction was good for the 1/10 scale I ran on it, so the smaller lighter cars should be good.

If that would work, we have a giant size track :D

I'll be racing in Rock Hill tomorrow, and I normally try to do Easley on Saturdays. I'll try to swap my days and get by there now and then too.

2011.02.18, 12:29 PM
What didn't you try your Mini-Z on the carpet?

I've never run on carpet, but lots of people around the world do. As I understand it, not any ole carpet will do :)

2011.02.18, 12:31 PM
The carpet fibers alone will be detrimental to Mini Z performance,not to mention the surface would be about like a fine sandy washboard as far as handling and traction.

2011.02.18, 07:17 PM
There is a lot of low pile carpet that would work just fine for Z racing. Whats at High Speed is better than carpet as far as traction. The carpet at HT is to fuzzy, but I'll let you know after tomorrow.


2011.02.19, 12:35 PM
The track is down and laps are being ran.Sorry for the small pic it is from the phone not too good at this yet.

2011.02.19, 02:13 PM
I took some too! Traction is surprisingly good for a track that hasn't been run on in a while, and will only get better with time and use. Hope everyone in the area can come out and support some Mini-Z racing.

Location is good size with ample room for pit space. Should be enough room there to get either of THESE (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35958) layouts down.




2011.02.19, 02:23 PM
looks good. HT should be able to have a pn regional this year. whatcha think

2011.02.19, 02:57 PM
Definately either layout will definately fit! I think even in the desiganated Mini-z area. As far as the carpet goes I think with some carpet specific tires and tuning you could find some grip.

I was able to get around the carpet a bit with my RCP set up, I would not recommend it though. With the right set up the carpet could be a lot of fun.

2011.02.19, 07:22 PM
I want to thank Brent for providing this space for us to get some good Racing back in Mooresville.Mark for all of his help and willingness to run the program.Wade, Pedro, Mike and everyone else that supplied the RCP and help with the cars for us mortal newbies.

2011.02.20, 12:12 AM
Has anyone tried running a mini-z on the carpet? If not someone give it a shot tomorrow. The traction was good for the 1/10 scale I ran on it, so the smaller lighter cars should be good.

If that would work, we have a giant size track :D

I'll be racing in Rock Hill tomorrow, and I normally try to do Easley on Saturdays. I'll try to swap my days and get by there now and then too.

A few of us tried it yesterday for kicks. From my perspective, it sucked. Got my AWD stuck under a disk and broke a piece off the body.:mad: My 2wd couldn't get enough traction going straight :(, but would flip in the turns :confused:. I'm sure working on the setup would improve handling, but even with the fastest motors, the width of the lanes would make it feel like running in slomo. :eek:

The RCP on the other hand was great!

2011.02.20, 10:59 AM
Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped yesterday, and Thanks to Brent to allow us the opportunity to make this thing a go. It's gonna take a lot of work and effort. But, with the help of the 1/10 scale guys, a little good marketing, good inventory, clear rules for all the classes, and luck this thing could be big for all of us.


2011.02.21, 07:47 AM
I plan to be at the track today from 10:00 until around 4:00. If anyone else is off, come on down...

2011.02.21, 08:56 AM
It will be a fine demonstration of speed from the winner of the last LeMans modified race at High Speed, check it out! Wish I could go, I hear the traction is great compared to the old track in the store.

Daddy Rabbit
2011.02.21, 08:27 PM
Hey guys it looks great, but as far as a carpet track!!!!!!! That would be like going back to AM cars.:eek: We do look forward to an event at the new place.