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2011.01.24, 02:34 PM
Hello everyone. I'd like to try to get into racing MiniZ and with winter upon us and with Cruizin right down the block from me I thought it'd be a great hobby to get into. But I dont know where to start. What should I be looking at in terms of what chassis style with each class Cruizin has to offer. Any tips for beginners on what to bring or expect on race night? Like, do people bring more than one body/chassis to race different sets of tires(but i realize its carpet and track condition dont change over the night), batteries, etc. Im sure I'd be starting off as a beginner/novice but after that Im getting confused on the different classes.

2011.01.24, 03:12 PM
If you live only down the block, just stop in when its not a race night. You will get all the advise and info that you need. You can be shown all the chasis types, and bodies, etc.
Traction can change over night. Temperatures can play a big part.

There is a new night of racing. Thursday....stop by and see the new SC18 racing. This Thursday will be the first night, so you will be on a level floor with what is needed. Even if you dont race, just be there and you will see.


2011.01.24, 03:37 PM
i should do that. I went there last week looking at Short Courses Trucks to race up at Barnstormers I hope to be picking up a Losi XXX-SCT. While I was there the owner showed me the SC18 and said he'd hope to be racing the SC18s shortlybut hold out until its official which got me thinking to race MiniZ.

I hope this class explodes. When he showed me the SC18 I was like whoa! Ill try and make it over there this Thursday. Thanks for the heads up.

Chicken Little
2011.01.25, 01:31 PM
Best advice anyone could give you is to just practice and practice. The guys at the shop and fellow racers will be more than happy to help you out. In time you can dial and tune you cars to your driving style and needs.

2011.01.30, 07:59 PM
Hope to see you back at store sc18 have been a good class so far we just need to fine tune class rules and get some jumps made but for 170 dollars rtr it's sweet to run