View Full Version : Basement Micro T Racing

2011.01.24, 05:26 PM
So i will have a space about 12x14 to make a track for micro t racing, I gotta get an idea if there is any interest in racing these things there will be jumps and i am debating on what surface to use i am thinking for now using foam mats but maybe carpet could be a future option

2011.01.24, 07:24 PM
What area of NYC is this?
I have 2 Micro-T's but never upgraded them and they just sit around now due to the poor 3-4 min run time and 20 min charge time

2011.01.24, 07:30 PM
upper west side

2011.01.29, 08:35 AM
Here's my Micro-T on my little RCP mini-96 setup


2011.02.12, 06:12 AM
I have similar Micro-T to standupnfall. Maybe little worse :)

2011.02.12, 06:26 AM
how do you guys deal with the poor diff and terrible backlash ?

i just carnt get mine to run propperly