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2011.01.24, 09:51 PM
I've been airbrushing a few bodies (pics coming soon) and I'm preparing to print my own water slide decals. Before I go crazy doing my own stuff I wanted to see what might already be available for purchase. Any recommendations for the following, in small, Mini-Z friendly sizes?

- Kyosho
- PN Racing
- Atomic R/C
- Reflex Racing
- Various racing sponsor brands (World GT, NASCAR, F1, etc)

I did find these racing stickers (https://shop.nanotrax.net/products-page/dnano-accessories/racing-stickers/) from nanotrax.com, made by x-power - but they're made for dNano and are a bit small.

2011.01.24, 10:11 PM
This guy has a large selection:

He is in Australia but ships to the US. He will do custom sizes as well.

2011.01.25, 04:36 AM
DITTO on pattosplace. HUGE selection, great service.

2011.01.25, 04:41 AM
Heres my gallery.....MOST of the decals are pattos...

2011.01.25, 05:33 AM
go check out your local hobby shop and see what they have...
luckily i've tried putting on some tamiya 1/24ish scale decals on some of my cars...
although they seem a bit big on the 1/27ish autoscale cars, they seem kinda ok...
here are some that i've done...






although i haven't gotten around to order from patto's place, his decals look pretty good, if i remember, you can also ask him to re-scale them to 1/27ish decals... tell him they're for kyosho's mini-z...

hope this helps... :D

2011.01.25, 01:26 PM
Thanks guys. The patto site is filled with decals! I'm having a hard time browsing through it though. I think I need more patience! :)

2011.01.25, 02:27 PM
Mike. Patto's website is very tedious to navigate unless you have a pretty substantial background in different types of race cars. The N/car decals are all circle track cars that you literally look up by the number. The Alpha section is to locate by name say McLaren or Porsche. If you just want to shop then go to the gallery and look at photos from customers. If you see something you like then go back to the Alpha or numeric section and track it down. Once you figure it out it really doesn't take any time at all.

Patto is very customer service oriented and will size to our scale if asked.

Another excellent source is speedline decals or Strada sports. He is stateside and also has a wide variety of product to choose from. He has the most complete selection of Shunko decals I have ever seen.

Happy hunting

2011.01.25, 07:44 PM
Awesome! That makes things a lot easier. I had no idea what I was looking for and was getting pretty frustrated. :D

I'll check those other two guys out as well.

2011.01.28, 03:00 AM
here's one that i just finished...


2011.01.28, 03:09 AM
Nice work! Where'd you get the decals?

2011.01.28, 12:17 PM
I don't know if you're interested in printing your own or not, but the waterslide inkjet paper from decalpaper.com has proven to be fairly easy to use to me. The ink seems to hold pretty well on it if you give it sufficient time to dry.

I'll post a few pics later, I can't put pics on the forum before my new paint job hits the track tomorrow =P

2011.01.29, 03:50 AM
thanks mdowney...

all of the decals i got came from a local hobby shop... they're made by tamiya and are 1/24 scale... which means that they are a bit big for kyosho's autoscale cars (1/27 scale)

if you need a customized set of decals, you can buy some decal paper and print the logo's...

a good place to find logo's are... (click below)

brands of the world (http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/)

good luck and hope this helps...

2011.01.30, 03:08 PM
macsmodeling.com has some too.

2011.02.11, 04:54 PM
I make my own decals using Scopa decals. And I get inspiration and sometimes exact designs from this site:


you will have to resize most of the downloadable skins

2011.02.11, 10:06 PM
Oh man - awesome site! Thanks for the tip!