View Full Version : Off road series?

2011.01.25, 02:06 PM
With the release of the RCP/Losi off-road track I am wondering how many clubs would be interested in an off-road point series? The Losi 1/24th Short Course Truck appears to be a great fit for this style of racing. If you have not seen it running on the new track you can see a demo video from Horizon Hobby here:


I have talked briefly with Brian about this series and offered to help with managing this separate series so he does not get further overwhelmed.

I have already ordered one set of the off-road jump kit and will be running this type of class locally but it would be awesome to branch the HFAY series out into off-road racing. Are there other clubs that would be willing to get 2 of the off-road jump kits and participate in such a series?

If you are willing should we keep with the 2 L size of tracks and mirror the layouts of existing HFAY events or do you think we should have a larger track such as 3 L to provide more spacing between some of the jumps?

What about which vehicles to include, Losi SCT, Overlands, etc.?