View Full Version : Problem installing pivots balls into alloy MR03 arms (Kyosho part #MZW415)

2011.01.25, 09:03 PM
When assembling the arms, putting the pivot balls into the alloy arms, the balls kept falling out. I tried initially to just spin them in from bottom into top and they still didn't stick in. Then I ended up pressing them in from the bottom as I thought they needed to be pressed in. This seemed to work but one would not pivot anymore. After trying to pivot it,it would fall out. Then they just kept falling out making this setup useless. I was going to use this system with the Kyosho inner tube shock setup. Due to this issue, I ended up just using the inner tube shock plastic arms but would like to get the entire system working.

Any suggestions? Is this a manufacturing issue?

Also, which way should the balls sit finally? there are 2 different surfaces to the ball. One end (top) is smooth, whereas the other (top) is raised.

2011.01.26, 08:12 PM
Note to anyone interested, I called and spoke to Customer Service today. They are analyzing the issue. I will provide an update once I hear back.

2011.01.26, 09:35 PM
Good to know..let us know. When i tried them awhile back, same problem.

2011.01.27, 09:04 PM
Doesn't spring tension keep the balls inside the cup when fully assembled?

The smooth end should be in the cup and the end with the protrusion should be facing the lower arm.