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2002.07.20, 04:43 PM
I was wondering if somebody could give me a good track width to run on? I know it prolly depends on how good the people who are running on it are, but I dont have a mini z yet and I want to plan a track before i get one... If I did I prolly would already know this question... thanks in advance

2002.07.20, 06:36 PM
The lane size are around 14-18 with 18 inches being the best! hope this helpz u out..

2002.07.22, 09:43 AM
I run 24 inch lanes, seems wide, but on a tight technical course we need the space. We still have a lot of bumping with 4 or more cars. My son (7) and his friends mainly use the track. The Mini-z is his first car and I'm not a very accomplished driver. Once we get better we will see about reduceing the lane to 18 inches.

2002.07.25, 04:24 PM
make your track width as big as possible.
Mine is 32" and it's perfect to me.

2002.07.25, 05:11 PM
My lanes are about 20-21" and I was able to create a track that looks like this:


In the area of about 12'X24'

2002.07.29, 04:17 AM
Lone those last three pics.

That track looks fun ... what you using for the barriers. Seems very easy to bend around those corners and flexible enough to take an impact.

2002.08.08, 03:35 PM
A LHS owner here in the San Diego area said that the lanes should be about 4 or 5 feet wide. I thougt this was way too wide
as mine are 2.5 feet. He said that to accomadate inexpierenced
drivers, 5 feet would be best, otherwise drivers would be banging
into each other too much and it would be no fun. This came out of a conversation I had w/him about setting up a race in his parking lot. He has sold about 20 Mini-Z's so far and only 3 showed up at the last race--they run 1/10th and 1/12th as well as Micro rs4's.
They ran the Mini-z's and the Micro's together. What do I have to do to get ppl interested in this in a big way?????????????

2002.08.08, 04:22 PM
It all depends on how much space you have, and how your design fits in. you want at least 5 car widths (about 15 inches) minimum.

2002.08.10, 12:09 AM
5' is way over the top. First of all, don't mix Micros and Mini-Zs, the Mini-Zs will come off worse if there are inexperienced drivers present (trust me, I used to race against Micros, and consistently cream them, but they could run me into the wall and I went through 3 sets of servo gears in a single session). In addition, chances are you don't want to be racing Zs on a parking lot, unless it is perfectly smooth and perfectly clean. If you come up with a nice indoor track you will probably have much better turnout, the current situation doesn't sound at all compelling.

2002.08.13, 02:13 PM
I'm working on several LHS locations right now. My idea for a parking lot circuit would involve sweeping the area clean and laying down rolls of tar paper. The track will be constructed out of PVC pipe. The tar paper rolls are 3' wide. By keeping the lanes
just under 3', and laying track lengthwise with the pipe on top of the seams, minimal taping of the tar paper will be needed. With this construction method, we will be able to set up a large layout
that will allow modified motors to be used to their full potential.
Speed is a good thing.