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2011.01.26, 09:03 PM
The following is intended as information for MC3 racers only:

MC3 has been working with Reflex Racing to come up a series that should be both fun and challenging.

Our High Level Outline:

We will be running 2 series: Stock and Mod. There are 6 races in total for each series however only your best 5 race results will count towards your ranking.

The top 3 racers in each series will win an online gift certificate for Reflex Racing parts redeemable at Reflex`s online store as follows:

1st place overall: $25

2nd place overall: $15

3rd place overall: $10

Club Racers have decided that each Reflex Race will be $20. $5 from each race fee will be put towards some additional lucky draw prizes which will be awarded at the finale.

Each race consists of 3, 5 min qualifiers and a main race of 15 min. Resorts are done after each qualifier as follows: 1st qualifier- random order, 2nd qualifier- reverse order of 1st quaifier, 3rd qualifier- resort based on most number of laps within preceding qualifiers.

Read the base rules and details about the series using the link below. Note we`ve added some additional rules as follows:

]- For the Mod series, you must run 102mm wheelbase and use a group C (LM) body: Porsche 962C, Mazda 787B, Sauber Mercedes C9 or Nissan R390.[/COLOR]

- allow use of tire warmers

- allow use of LM tires and wheels

- allow use of gyros

- car with batteries must weigh minimum 175g

- allow the following motor tuning only: Racers can break-in the bushings, change to silver brushes and shim the armature. No other mods are allowed

Points Series detailed information from Reflex Racing available using the link below:


SPECIAL NOTE- For the duration of this series, any participating racer will be eligible to receive a 10% discount off the retail price on Reflex Racing parts at the MC3 shop.

Saturday, February 12th: 4-10pm - Reflex Racing Points Series Race #1

Saturday, February 26th: 4-11pm - Reflex Racing Points Series Race #2

Saturday, March 12th: 4-10pm - Reflex Racing Points Series Race #3

Saturday, March 26th: 4-10pm - Reflex Racing Points Series Race #4

Friday, April 22nd: 6-11pm - Reflex Racing Points Series Race #5

Friday, May 6th: 6-11pm - Reflex Racing Points Series Finale (Race #6)