View Full Version : Shawn's "all Kyosho" MR03 for MC3/Reflex Racing Mod Class

2011.01.27, 08:19 PM
Finally got around to building my "All Kyosho" MR-03 which will be used for the upcoming MC3/Reflex Racing Points Series (Mod class).

(FYI- I also have an "All PN" car, an "All Reflex Racing" car and will built an "All Atomic car" soon. I did this to highlight the different mods from each of the manufacturers that I sell.)

Configuration is as follows:

-based on US Spec Chassis kit which comes with:

- Full Ball Bearing Set
- Ball Differential Set (modified with Kyosho titanium LM shaft)
- Oil Filled Rear Shock using R246 400 weight silicone oil
- Friction Shock using Kyosho 5000 weight diff grease (with all parts wet-sanded) (2 washers installed for now)
- Front Spring Set; using softest springs (red)
- Rear Carbon Suspension Plate Set, using softest T-plate
- Long King Pin Ball (using gold spacer below knuckle; red and green above knuckle)
- Blue Nylon Nut; only using for rear- for front, used stock plastic nuts

Extras installed:

-Kyosho Gyro unit (turned off for now)
- LM wheel set (Mazda 787b) with 30 LM fronts and 20 LM rears
- Kyosho Titanium screw set
- LM plastic motor pod with alloy shock stay
- Route 246 LiFe cells, battery clips and mounting cord
- Kyosho 4th metal servo gear
- Kyosho inner tube shock set; with 5000 diff grease
- Front Upper Brace set (Wide)

Planning to hit the track this Saturday to test and tune.

2011.01.27, 08:34 PM
Looks good Shawn! So of the PN car, REFLEX car and ATM car, which do you find handles best? I have a PN car as you know, and am planning to build another. Reflex or ATM.

2011.01.27, 08:38 PM
Mooooonay, but that car looks pretty good. I was kinda expecting more R246 alloy, but almost stock works too. Now I want to see these Atomic and PN cars heheh.

2011.01.27, 09:05 PM
pretty cool concept...
all kyosho mod car...

and soon to follow...
all pn
all atomic
all reflex

nice pics... :D thanks for sharing

2011.01.27, 09:21 PM
how does it run by the way?

2011.01.27, 10:20 PM
sky...yeah, wanted to add the R246 LM motor mount, however it is currently out of stock with Kyosho America. One of my customers got the last piece from my shop.

Also, I will probably add in some R246 camber knuckles soon based on how it runs this weekend (Sat).

I have the kyosho alloy upper arms, however as pointed out in a help thread I wrote in Kyosho area, the pivot balls kept falling out of the arms...so waiting for an answer on that before I try to re-install them.

Bill, I haven't built the Atomic car yet, but I have plans to do so soon. My PN and Reflex cars rock. The PN is the fastest at the moment, but it's been built and tuned for longer. The Reflex car I just built a couple of weeks ago and am still trying to tune it to my liking (no time to run these days : (). I'm hoping that when Cristian comes up for our Reflex Points series finale, he'll help me fine tune it. With that said, the Reflex car is very stable and probably easier to drive fast consistantly for me, whereas as mentioned, the setup I have on the PN car is very good and very fast, but I need to be a better driver to keep it as consistant as the Reflex car. Remember that racing isn't necessarily about the fastest lap times, it's about the number of laps that you can lap quickly. Anyway, back to this car- can't wait to run it this weekend.

2011.02.03, 01:32 PM
Ran the car last Saturday and it worked well but flipped like a mo-fo at the end of the straight. I used a stock Kyosho silver can and the R246 Li-Fe cells.

I put in 2 silver (3.5g) weight bars in middle and then ran some more. Car was better but still flipped. I put this up to the car being light and new tires. I then put 2 blue (1.5g?) weights in the outside positions of the battery tray and went for another run. The car was better,more stable and flipped less. I checked the weight with the bars, body and Li-Fe cells, it came to just above the 175g weight minimum that we are using for the Reflex points series.

Went for some more runs and car would occassionally flip, but I ended up changing to the toe-in bar #2 from Kyosho plastic pack which made better high speed turning but left enough turn in.

Finisihed breaking in a Reflex 70t motor (2+ hours work) and installed than. Wow! it was fast. Changing the motor alone took 3/10 of a sec off my best lap time that night. Car now had corner exit push and would flip if I did aggressive movements on the controller. If I sticked to smooth inputs and good lines, the car was balastic, however I find that it could still benefit from some up travel suspension limitation, which I;ll do later. Also, I may play with camber knuckles when they get here next week.