View Full Version : Software for creating RCP layouts?

2011.01.28, 04:07 PM
I'm familiar with the ZRound Track Designer, and like it, but I'm wondering how the layouts on rcptracks.com (http://rcptracks.com/rcptracklayouts.html)and Mini-AZ (http://www.mini-az.com/)are made. Is there another app people use for laying out their tracks?

2011.01.28, 04:12 PM
RCP layouts where drawn using auto cad.

2011.01.28, 04:12 PM
autocad, revit and sketchup. :)

2011.01.28, 04:37 PM
There was a guy that made templates for use in Visio, worked pretty well, you being a Microsoft guy...

Do a search on the forum.

2011.01.28, 04:42 PM
Ugh, AutoCAD... Killing ants with a bazooka? :D

Sketchup is a good idea. Does anyone have a good Sketchup template? I'm pretty familiar with that tool.

And I will dig up that Visio template. I'm certainly familiar with that tool. ;)

2011.01.28, 07:20 PM
Ultimate Racer 3.0 ... it does slot car tracks...

I have been meaning to use the AutoCAD files I made for RCP Track, to make a track section library for UR 3.0... just been too buzy, and lazy, to do it.

Since RCP tracks can do more than 90 degree turns now... with the new Mini-Tile 45 degree curves etc... this is pretty much a must have.

Maybe we can get them to permanently add it to their downloaded version of their program...