View Full Version : Best tires for brand new Mini-96 track?

2011.01.28, 04:14 PM
I have a brand new, large mini 96 track in the house (avg temps around 65) and I'm wondering what tires should work best. The track seems to have much less traction then the large, broken-in track at FPR.

Tried PN8S(trued)/PN6R but thinking K30R/K20R might work better?

2011.01.28, 04:21 PM
If it's new, vacuum it often. The tracks seem to gain traction the more you use it and the more you vacuum it. If you vacuum it, make sure you use a shop vac or if you use a standard carpet vacuum with spinning rollers, make sure the rollers are high enough or they will damage the tile surface. Best to use a shop vac with a 6" - 12" wide flat attachment at the end of the hose. As the flat end attachment drags against the surface, it removes some of the loose fibers from the manufacturing process.

2011.01.28, 04:44 PM
Gotcha. I'll have to dig the shop vac out of the garage. Don't remember if it came with that attachment or not - thinking no. I'll have to make a stop at the Depot on the way home...


2011.01.28, 04:48 PM
They usually come with the attachment. Even if it is only 3 or 4" wide, it will still work. Just something other than just the round 1 1/2" hose end.

2011.01.28, 05:49 PM
I have a brand new Mini-96 and race my 70t motors on it with K20's rear and 30's front.
I vacuum every few days

2011.01.28, 07:15 PM
I've noticed that pn6 work good with high grip, and when I've used them, they only last a battery pack or two before the tread dies out. For ILR, I use k20 slick rear, which gives a lot of rear grip for medium-low grip tracks. I would start with k20/30 and if you need more front traction, try out the other front tires (pn racing makes very good front tires)