View Full Version : MA-010 Front Diff Problem

2011.01.30, 02:24 PM
So I did the bearings on my MA-010 and now it just turns left. The left wheel isnt really getting any power except under very low power. When I hit the gas, the front wheel gets no power and the car just spins around. (Drift tires on it, so it spins around easy, but it was working proper before the bearing change.)

I've taken everything apart and reseated it several times, but I dont have any idea on what is causing that.

Any ideas?

2011.01.30, 02:29 PM
J, during rebuild I'm assuming you checked the bearing itself to ensure its movement is free etc.? Does swapping L/R cause the opposite problem? And removing bearings? You have a gear diff still, right? If you pop out the motor does the car roll freely? That might also assist in debugging so you can feel the problem directly? :)

2011.01.30, 02:43 PM
It's like the left front wheel is just loose when I give it power. It's not that it's binding or anything like that, more like it just spins freely.

I'm going to tear it apart again and see what I can figure. Maybe swap the diff with Deca and see. Just try and narrow down the scope of where the problem is.

I think I should take a food break first.

Thanks D.

P.S. We got the lights wired in. Put them on below the board so they are on when the batteries are in. Other option makes them light up only under gas.

I think I might wire in a switch inline so I can turn them on and off easily.

Will post some pics when this Diff issue is worked out.

2011.01.30, 05:53 PM
Have you tried replacing the diff? If you have a gear diff it sounds like you might have busted the D-cut on one of the output gears.

2011.01.31, 10:19 AM
I'm gonna see if Deca will let me try his. That would narrow down my options. I have a cold and ran out of steam yesterday.

Gonna try tonight and will post back some results. Thanks guys. :D

2011.01.31, 02:00 PM
It's so weird, I can't imagine how the diff would have been damaged or anything during the bearing install. You tore down the rear to jam it up but the front was untouched and ran fine for a pretty good amount of time right up until we tore down for the bearing install.

If you lifted the car off the ground and hit the accel, it would spin up to speed with the rest of the wheels. However, if you introduce the slightest amount of resistance by touching it, it would disengage and would not catch again.

It just occurred to me that if anything is wrong with one of the gears you could swap it with a gear from the rear, since broken gears aren't going to matter back there with it all jammed up :)

2011.02.01, 01:22 PM
Looks like a bad bearing is the problem. Thanks for the help advise everyone. :D

2011.02.02, 07:47 AM
Okay... So I isolated a bearing that wasnt as smooth as the others which coincidentally was on the same wheel that wasnt turning.

After much trial and error I figured out it was the drop in the suspension that caused the problem. Not sure why. I got it running straight and spent time getting my drift on.

I dont think it was biting on the body. Not sure what the problem was. Gonna play around some more and see if I can pinpoint it.

But running is lot more fun than being in the pits.