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2011.01.30, 02:35 PM
I'm setting up an MA-010 as a drift car. It was working fine stock. I put a bearing kit in (wheels and drive shaft) and a knuckle set for camber.

When I was finished, the left front isnt gripping at all. I think it has to be a problem with the differential. I reseated everything a few times, but the outcome is the same.

The left wheel under very low power (crawling speed) will get some traction, but soon as I give it any gas, the left front gets no power, and the back end just spins around.

I'm at an impasse. I dont see what the problem is. Ive pulled the shaft out of the diff and reseated it. Everything looks proper.

My buddy has the same setup, we did the work at the same time, and they look identical, but his runs fine.

Any ideas?

2011.01.30, 04:58 PM
If you can try switching the left-front knuckle. The bearing might be out of alignment due to a bad knuckle.

A couple more things:

- Make sure the bearings spin smooth when checking them out of the knuckle.
- Check the diff like you said. Spin the diff and check for grinding.Even better would be to disassemble the diff and check the 3 small spur gears for broken teeth.

ocean rodeo
2011.01.30, 07:31 PM
Your diff leaked out the oil and it's empty. Fill it with thicker oil, this will slow it down keeping the power to the ground. If you can afford to spend some money I would recommend the Kyosho front one way and rear ball diff. Run the rear really tight, A good trick is to stencil out a piece of Teflon tape to the diff rings, this will grab really well to lock up the rear like a spool. Mine drifts like a charm.

2011.02.01, 01:48 PM
I locked mine by putting a cutting out a circle of sticky gauze and putting it inside the gears preventing it from turning.... If I ever want to unlock it, I just remove the gauze. Works awesome.

So after some trial and error, the issue is a bad bearing in the new bearing set. Poo. But thanks for the troubleshooting and tips. It helped.

2011.02.02, 07:53 AM
Okay... So I isolated a bearing that wasnt as smooth as the others which coincidentally was on the same wheel that wasnt turning.

After much trial and error I figured out it was the drop in the suspension that caused the problem. Not sure why. I got it running straight and spent time getting my drift on.

I dont think it was biting on the body. Not sure what the problem was. Gonna play around some more and see if I can pinpoint it.

But running is lot more fun than being in the pits.

2011.02.02, 08:19 AM
BTW, buy 3Racing parts if its a drifter. Their stuff is about 1/2 the price of others and works the same really. I heard their ball diffs lose settings faster than others, but I don't think that will affect a drifter as much if at all and when I was using these diffs, I never really had any issues.

2011.02.02, 09:39 AM
I locked my rear diff and want to get a one-way for the front. I'll check them out. Kyosho's is $50 (ouch).

2011.02.02, 10:34 AM
Atomics are $20... not a price I'd wanna pay for a simple thing like that. 3R should be just 10, go for one of those.