View Full Version : Mini-Z Reverse Problem corrected on all 2.4 cars ???

2011.01.30, 06:47 PM
Do any of the Mini-Z's currently being offered on 2.4 ghz still have the original reverse problem? The problem with the original 2.4 MR-02 LM was that it was not easy engaging the reverse. The problem was then corrected with the release of the MR-03. I'd like to buy an F-1 and a MR-015 that are on 2.4 ghz but I wan't to be sure the old problem has been phased out. Are the current MR-02 LM's now updated as well? Thanks, Sam

2011.01.30, 07:35 PM
no. the 02 boards are still the same. only the 03 allows for the adjustment of the reverse delay. sorry

2011.01.30, 09:54 PM
But nothing would preclude you from putting 03 boards (RA-22) in those cars. I have an 03 board in my F1 to eliminate the reverse delay problem of the 02 board (RA-18). The 03 boards are part number MZ408.